To Be Honest


It’s quite ironic that the greatest minds and people in history were thought to be crazy at one point or another in their lives. They ended up being game changers, people you know such as Walt Disney, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and many others, some who’s names and stories we will never know, are the ones who have had a hand in making things the way they are now and opening the doorway to the life we have and can create from here on out. Smart people sound crazy to small minded and close minded people.

The thing is, people get crazy and insane mixed up. Crazy and insane are two different things and there is a very fine line that separates them. Crazy people see things as they are and in some special way can see beyond that. Insane people are those who, physically and non-physically, harm others, for no reason or simply for the twisted pleasure of harming others. Crazy people have no filter on the minds eye; insane people do. Know the difference and keep an eye on and ear open to crazy people. They usually have really important things to say and show us.

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