Spontaneous Burst of Happiness!!

I have this thing where at random times, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, where I just start dancing, break into a random song that pops into my head, will make a weird noise, and/or will do something weird and awkward. I did this yesterday in Wal Mart walking behind my dad and he turned around and gave me this weird look and started laughing. He was like “You know there are people walking by and laughing when you do stuff like that.” I hadn’t realized of course because I was in the middle of my Spontaneous Burst of Happiness jig, and I didn’t even see him looking at me until I turned to look at him and he was giving me the weird/amused look.

Why I do this, I have no clue. But, it is fun, it makes me happy, and I usually end up making someone smile or laugh because they find my weirdness/awkwardness/happiness amusing, and that makes me feel great! I make myself laugh and someone else too! It’s an act of kindness towards myself and someone else.

I would like to encourage y’all to, if you don’t have one or a few already, find or create your Spontaneous Burst of Happiness and do it. Be funny, be weird, be awkward, have fun with it! You never know what will come of it and you’ll always feel good doing it.


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