P– Patience
Un– Understanding
K– Kindness

Embrace PUnK, BE PUnK.

When we practice Patience, Understanding, and Kindness we have the ability to be and do the absolute best that we can. These three disciplines lead to many other disciplines that we need to be able to function at the highest level and vibrations that we are capable of.

Being patient enough to realize whatever it is you need to, leads you to reach understanding. When you can understand something, at some level, you can show kindness to whoever it is that needs it, whether it be yourself or someone else. Being kind can lead you many places, places you want to be, places you need to be, places you can be and never thought you could reach. Patience, understanding, and kindness open endless doors to endless possibilities.

Practice these disciplines and see where they lead you. They help you to grow your heart, mind, spirit, and body, and can only lead you in the right direction. Our path’s are always changing and these disciplines make it easier to know how to go along, what to do, and when to do it.

Having said that, that doesn’t mean that life will be the age old definition of “perfect”. That “perfect” is non-existent. Real perfection is as it is. You are perfect the way you are. Perfection includes progress, it includes growing, it includes always being on the learning curve and getting better.

We have perfection in this life, the ups and downs, the good and bad, they are what make life the wonderful, roller coaster, crazy, fun adventure that it is. So don’t think anything other than this. will lead you to perfection. You already have it. Just live and do the best you can.


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