Real Talk

Life is simple. Going through life, not so much. I was watching an episode of Jessica Jones and something that happened in a scene really jumped out at me. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone so I’ll just say that it was along the lines of people jumping to conclusions and assuming things about circumstances  they know nothing about and assuming Jess knew nothing about. Basically Jess dealing with close-minded, hateful people.

One thing that we all need to get clear on and understand is that we all suffer and we all suffer differently. Pain is pain, suffering is suffering, joy is joy, happiness is happiness, and it is a simple and honest truth that some life experiences and situations are more impactful than others. Some suffer more than others, some less. Some experience easier lives, some harder.

Now, does that lessen or demean the pain, suffering, or goodness of those who have it a bit easier? Not at all. But those who do have it easier should realize that they do have it easier. Those who have it harder have completely different circumstances and it is not as easy to pull themselves out of their issues. We have to stop comparing ourselves and situations to one another. We go through the same things, but none of us handle things the exact same. Please understand this.

Life is crazy and unpredictable. Remember that. So the next time you try to judge someone and their situation or think you know what’s going on with someone else, talk to that person, hear them, try to understand. Really sit back and look at it and do some critical thinking before you go jumping to conclusions and assuming things. Even then, you’re not going to understand everyone or everything. Accept it. Jumping to conclusions and assuming are two of the worst things you can do and they are of no use or help, ever. So avoid it as best you can.

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