Truth Be Told


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The world will begin to be the best it can be and we will begin to be the best we can be when we learn and practice this priceless lesson. We have to realize that we don’t need to quantify, define, label, and understand everything. This is true especially with human beings. We all have a lot in common but all 7 billion of us are different creatures in our own ways.

Think about it, no two people in this world, whether twins, triplets, or so on, has the same fingerprint. Each of us gets our own distinct fingerprint, literally and figuratively. We each leave our marks on the world in one way or another. We are as different from one another as we are from dogs. We are each special. We have to accept this.

Honor, respect, and accept the people around you as they are as you honor, respect, and accept yourself. We can not change one another, we can only love and share wisdom with one another. The only change we can make in the literal sense, is physical changes and change within our individual selves. Each of us are responsible for ourselves and for trying, or lack there of, to help our fellow living beings.

We should all do the best we can to accept the things that we can not change and do what we can about the things we can change.