Better Together

We are here to live our individual lives for ourselves. But we are not meant to do it alone. That’s why all of us are here.
We are manifestations of love and light that live among our fellow stars to help and love one another.
We are not meant to be alone.
We are meant to embrace one another.
We are here together.
We are here with one another.
We are all different creatures in our own right and ways, we look different, speak differently, believe differently, have different cultures and upbringings, we are different in so many ways. Yet, we are all the same.
We are One. One people. One love.

This life is ours to experience together.
We are all connected; all strands in the enormous web of life.
We are our own separate strands that connect with all others in love.
Acknowledge it, be grateful for it, and enjoy it.
We are great on our own, but we are better than ever together.


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