We have to go deeper than the surface level. We have to move past what we see and stop basing things on what we see alone. Skin is skin, hair is hair, style is style, love is love, people are people. We’ve got to focus on what’s beyond the visible. How do we do this? We move past those who wish to mold us to their liking by disempowering their negativity. We must acknowledge, respect, and support one another. If you have questions about someone, ask. Ask in a kind and thoughtful manner. If you wish to know more about something read, research whatever it is you want to know. We are far more than shallow, simple minded creatures. We have to respect what the eyes see, then look deeper than what we see, and start respecting the fact that that living being you are looking at is in fact a living being like you who has, and deserves, all the same rights and privileges you have. This is especially true for people of color like myself. We’ve got to get past the idea of proving our presence to others. We, people who are not bound by the “norm”, are not, nor have we ever been, obligated to explain or prove ourselves to any one; let alone explain/prove ourselves to people who have no want or intention of trying to broaden their perception. We’re here, and those who wish not to acknowledge us do know we are here. It’s about all of us (us being we open-minded, free-spirited, open hearted, kind, loving, caring people) coming together and believing in, helping, and lifting one another up. We have to be aware of one another. These problems of racism, sexism, ageism, transphobia, homophobia, and so on end (or at the very least greatly decline) when those of us who recognize each other as people, as we all are, start loving one another and having each other’s backs. We are our brothers keeper, our sisters keeper. When we start speaking up for and with one another there will be far less problems with close-minded, judgmental, hateful, cruel, rude, mean people. We will disempower them by making their hateful and wrongful concepts obsolete. We change negative to positive. We hold hands and walk through life in love. We are souls. We are beings made of love and light. Recognize and respect this. You may not like what you see, but you should respect that we all have the right to be ourselves. We are oceans of great depths with edges that reach far and wide. Together we can do marvelous things.

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