Two-Way Street

Love, kindness, happiness, goodness, and all such matters are a Two-Way street. These things go both ways. Not to say that you shouldn’t be kind and the such towards people, because you should and you never know when that kindness and such can make a positive difference in someone else’s life. But my point is, you can only do so much for others. Life is about giving and receiving. It’s about balance, and doing the best you can to do so. It does not do, or help anyone, to just receive or give all their lives.

Do not waste more energy than is needed trying to help someone do something, be a certain way, think a certain way. You simply can not force or infringe what you want on others. I mean you can, it’s been done, talk to the African-American and Indigenous First Nations of America. But in trying to force yourself and beliefs on others you will never win. Sitting on people will only work for so long before those of strong will decide they’ve had enough. And there are many of strong will.

Your energy is precious. Do no more and no less than your best and when you’ve done that, let the situation be what it is. Do not linger where you have come to the bridge and must cross. Some people will have to be left behind to cross on their own. Others will let you hold their hand as you both cross. And others will be able to simply follow your instructions and walk by themselves behind you as you both cross that bridge. Know which person you have with you and act accordingly.

When it comes to relationships, as with pretty much everything else in life, you should get what you give. If that is not happening, walk away. It’s that simple. Is it always easy, no, but it’s what needs to be done. Likewise, if someone is giving to you and you are not making any kind of effort at the least, or contribution back to that person or people, then you have no right or reason to have any ill will toward those that walk away from you.

You get what you give.

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