One Giant Irony of Balance

Have you ever just sat and realized that life is one giant irony after another filled with contradictions, but somehow manages to work and fit everything in-between into it?
It’s crazy and insane, but that’s the way it works. How interesting. I think that’s why I believe in not taking life so seriously and the reason why you should have a sense of humor. Because one minute life is this way and you have to be this and in a literal, split second it becomes another way and you have to be and do something else. It can work for better or worse, it can be insufferable and relieving.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around it all sometimes as is to be expected, but it is quite something to know that anything is possible at any time if the conditions are right. You never know what could happen or what each of us, ourselves, are capable of when put under certain circumstances. There are so many possibilities and ways that life can go. There are infinite chances and opportunities for each of us in whatever we do, all depending on what we choose. I think the biggest thing though is acceptance. It’s all about acceptance.

We have to accept life as it is. We have to accept everything that is and the way things are, as they are.  This is the only way that we can truly live. This is the only way we can be and do as we wish. When we honestly look at life, ourselves, and others as they are we can be the best and our lives can be the best that they can be. Life is not all dark and gloom, and it is not all flowers and sunshine. Life is both. Life is dark and light, sunshine and rain, hope and despair, faith and disbelief, just and unjust, and everything in-between. When you accept that, your good.

It serves you, everyone around you, and those you care about very well to be honest in life and in what and who you are. Let the love and light that you are shine through.

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