Rest, Don’t Be Lazy

There are Lazy Days, then there are much needed resting days. Lazy days are poisonous and detrimental to your health and well-being. Lazy days create laziness, procrastination, make you tired, drowsy, drain you, and bring nothing of benefit to your life.
Now the latter, Rest Days, revitalize you, give you the time you need to recuperate, replenish your spirit, mind, body, and energy. Rest days allow you to do these things so you may continue doing great things, things you love, beneficial things that bless and help you and others.
Lazy days make you complacent and stagnant. Rest days fuel and uplift you so that you can relax and go into the next day ready to take on whatever is in store for you. Lazy days are a pain in the rear, please for the love of all that’s good do NOT get in the habit of lazy days. They suck A LOT.
May you choose to have Rest Days and not Lazy Days. Your life will be better for it. Trust me (speaking from experienece).

Random Thoughts- Love

I want, more than anything in this universe, this existence, love and to be loved. That is a universal wish. I want it for everyone including myself. Love is the greatest, in every way, in shape, in every form. And everyone deserves it. Those who have no love can find it. I believe that. I believe that love can reach the most distant, closed off being. I believe that love conquers all.
Love is so easy. It’s simple. The trouble comes when we add our unnecessary mess to the equation. But that matters not, because love overcomes and moves past all of our mess. The only thing that truly matters is if we will get out of our own way or not. Love is something I am learning to let lead me. It is a process, letting love lead. I am my own worst enemy, as we all are individually. And I’m coming to terms with myself and doing what it takes to get out of my own way.
Love is many things. But it is, more than anything, pure. It transcends time, space, everything. It is all that makes life and makes it worth living. I used to adore the idea of love. The flattery and sweetness of it all. But in these past few years I’ve witnessed genuine love. Love is going through hell and making the decision to pull through. Love is coming together in spite of all the bull crap. Love is seeing things, people, and life as it truly is. Love is showing up and staying there no matter what comes at you. Love is knowing yourself. Love is knowing when to stay and when to leave. Love is respect.
Love is everything. It is everywhere. It is all things. Love is worth everything. And it is a part of all of us. What people need to understand, is that love is a choice, like everything else. We each have to choose to love. Not everyone is going to make that choice. Whether everyone chooses it or not doesn’t matter, because as long as there are a few who love, there is goodness in this world. As long as there is goodness somewhere in this world, all of this, existence, this world, life as a whole, has meaning.

Be Informed, Not Opinionated


(Repost from Tumblr)

“People with opinions like to go around bothering each other.” This is truth. 70 to 80% of society is people with their own opinions going around yapping at each other about their own, personal opinions and judgments acting as if they are universal truth. This does not bode well for humanity, as you can well see i.e. the news, media, and personal life experiences. This creates unnecessary mess, problems, and confrontations between us. This can be countered though. We can make amends and create a better environment by ridding ourselves of opinions and sticking to what is real and true. What is real and true you ask? Well i’ll tell you.

The light inside each and every one of us is real and true. The potential that each and every one of us possesses is real and true. The hope, goodness, care, and love we have is real and true. The things that are happening around us and to us, are real and true. The actions that we each make and the consequences of those actions are real and true. Opinions come from a place of selfishness, close-mindedness, small mindedness, and limitation. We do not belong in that vain. We do belong in the place in which we can see things as they actually, truly are and create what we wish to create, where we are, how we are, and throughout that process we can make progress and continue to grow and better ourselves, and others, along the way.

See things as they are. See things as they are and in that, work towards how you want things to be. Create your reality, the power to do so is yours. Use that power. Care for others, fight for others, respect others, love others as you do (and should do) yourself. We are all in this together. We can make this world better for all of us. We all deserve the best. We can have the best. We just have to accept things as they are and the things we can not change, and change the things we can. Look deeper, look beyond the surface of yourself, others, and situations and see that we are all connected. We are all going through something and we have to acknowledge that. We have to help ourselves and each other. We have to come together. We have to actually care about ourselves and one another.

Let’s do it. Believe in yourself and believe in your fellow beings.

The Best of Us

Nina Simone (Eunice Waymon) and Marlon Brando, two of the greatest examples of the greatness that mankind can achieve. They are two of many who have made a priceless impact and added priceless value to this world in their own unique and individual ways. These two people specifically have rather bewitched me in mind, in spirit, and emotionally. Tumultuous geniuses always have. I guess it’s because I find intriguing the complete oxymoron that these people live. Like many, I look up to these two beautiful souls. They are great inspirations of mine.

What do all great people, known and unknown, have in common? They are far ahead of their time and greatly misunderstood. These people are extraordinarily unlike any other in their respective art, talent, and skills and people plague them with their own opinions and judgments because they are on a different plane. Some of the greatest hearts and minds to walk this planet and live this life have and had the most strenuous and compelling journeys. Mr. Brando and Ms. Simone are two of the most well known beings to have lived this. They were the purest forms of Self, embracing their true self, yet limited at the same time; both by themselves and by those around them.

I strive to take on certain attributes of great people like Ms. Simone and Mr. Brando. Why? Because no matter what, they always, somehow, managed to truly be, to truly live, to truly evoke in others the very essence and vibrancy that is life. That is why they are thought of so highly, because of what they brought to the world through being themselves and adding value in the way that they loved and could. My greatest want in life is to do the same. Whether it just be through my future children, or husband, friend, or random stranger, I want to evoke in others the very essence and vibrancy  of life.  I want to encourage pure love. I want to bring that out of others as they did. And I mean, what greater success, what greater fulfillment can be achieved in life than by helping your fellow man and embracing your truest self.

Of course, this being life, that level of greatness does not come without its downfalls, hardships, obstacles, and difficulties. Ms. Simone and Mr. Brando knew this all too well. They lived these things. And greater, they lived through these things. It boggles my mind to think of the inner turmoil people like them went through and somehow still managed to live on. That is strength. That is the power of mankind.

Think of what we all could accomplish, the absolute brilliance that would ensue if we each decided, against everything else in life, to embrace ourselves, fully and truly. It is a scary thought initially I must admit. But we have been afraid of our own power for far too long. Look around, that is why we are still dealing with racism, sexism, ageism, transphobia, homophobia, seperatism, the class system, and the like at major levels.  We close ourselves off from our personal paradise and all together the best of humanity by being afraid and not doing anything about that feeling.

We must move forward. We have to buck up and live in spite of our fears. We must feel the fear and live anyway. Fear is a feeling and emotion that absolutely can be controlled and mastered. It has been proven time and time again. It’s okay to be afraid, it’s okay to fret, it’s okay to be hesitant, it’s okay to be cautious of new things and change. But we can no longer stand in the way of our own progress. We have to accept that change is a part of the process. We have to get rid of and move past our selfish states of comfort and believing one is “better” than another. No one is above anyone else.

We have to be ourselves and then we have to come together. Nothing is ever going to get done if we don’t work together. We are nothing on our own compared to what we are when we become one. If there is anything I have learned from Ms. Simone and Mr. Brando, it is that no matter what, you should be you and never let anyone or anything stop you from doing that. They taught me that you should stay inside what is real and true. They taught me that life is worth living when you give it your all. So give it your all. Stay inside of what is real and true. Embrace your fellow man. Be yourself. And above all, love. Love, love, love. Love is the answer. 

A Little Good…


(repost from Tumblr)

A little good, in any form, goes a very long way.

Do what good you can, where you can, how you can, always. Focus on the things you can do. Put forth an effort in the things you know you can add value to (which is a lot) and don’t be afraid to explore others ways that you can do good that are outside of your comfort zone. (It’ll be fun😉) You can help so many and do so much for this world. Do not underestimate your power. You have immense power. Stand in your power and put it to good use.☺