Random Thoughts- Love

I want, more than anything in this universe, this existence, love and to be loved. That is a universal wish. I want it for everyone including myself. Love is the greatest, in every way, in shape, in every form. And everyone deserves it. Those who have no love can find it. I believe that. I believe that love can reach the most distant, closed off being. I believe that love conquers all.
Love is so easy. It’s simple. The trouble comes when we add our unnecessary mess to the equation. But that matters not, because love overcomes and moves past all of our mess. The only thing that truly matters is if we will get out of our own way or not. Love is something I am learning to let lead me. It is a process, letting love lead. I am my own worst enemy, as we all are individually. And I’m coming to terms with myself and doing what it takes to get out of my own way.
Love is many things. But it is, more than anything, pure. It transcends time, space, everything. It is all that makes life and makes it worth living. I used to adore the idea of love. The flattery and sweetness of it all. But in these past few years I’ve witnessed genuine love. Love is going through hell and making the decision to pull through. Love is coming together in spite of all the bull crap. Love is seeing things, people, and life as it truly is. Love is showing up and staying there no matter what comes at you. Love is knowing yourself. Love is knowing when to stay and when to leave. Love is respect.
Love is everything. It is everywhere. It is all things. Love is worth everything. And it is a part of all of us. What people need to understand, is that love is a choice, like everything else. We each have to choose to love. Not everyone is going to make that choice. Whether everyone chooses it or not doesn’t matter, because as long as there are a few who love, there is goodness in this world. As long as there is goodness somewhere in this world, all of this, existence, this world, life as a whole, has meaning.

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