Your Responsibility


(Repost from Tumblr)

Learn from your mistakes. And even better, learn from the mistakes of others. When you make a decision, good or bad, you have to deal with the consequences. One thing that does not help anyone, especially yourself, is getting hung up on whatever decision you made. Getting stuck in the past, dwelling on it, and not doing anything about it does nothing and helps no one, so there is no point in doing that. Deal with what you’ve done. If you made a positive choice, you will deal with the consequences that come with that decision. If you made a negative choice, you deal with the consequences of that decision and learn what not to do and how to handle that situation that you got yourself in. Take what you can from whatever experience you’re in, or someone else is in or has been in, and move forward. Use that knowledge and take advantage of the chance you have to do and be better. When you know better, you then have a responsibility to not let certain things happen again because it is something you can control. So learn and do what’s right.

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