Embrace It

Universal Truth: We all have our small differences, things that make us individuals and unique, but when it comes to down to the basics, what we’re made of, our potential, and what we’re born with, we are all the same.

Contrary to what society and many parents and grandparents have taught us for centuries, different does not mean seperate. We are one people, in one world, with this present chance to live, love, be, and experience life. Embrace all that is you. Love it all. You are enough. Embrace all of the beauty around you, people, the Earth, animals. Take care. Be mindful, of yourself and others. Keep an open mind. Do not be quick to judge. Listen, take the time and be kind enough to actually hear people out. Before you try to get an attitude, be mad at, or hurt someone as revenge or payback (which you absolutely shouldn’t), listen to them. Everyone has a story, everyone comes from somewhere, everyone has feelings. Many of us (if not, most of us) are not as in touch with ourselves as we should be, change that. Know yourself.

A truth I’ve come to realize is that we have the audacity to hold others to standards we don’t hold our own selves to. We have no right to judge, begrudge, or hate others when they wrong us when we won’t and don’t even give them the chance to be and do what they can and what we want from them. Love is a two way street. Don’t continuously expect what you won’t and don’t give. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Communication is key. Real communication, as in taking the time to truly try and understand others, who they are, their thoughts and behavior. No one is perfect, we are constantly growing and changing. Remember that.

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