Quote of the Day


(Repost from Instagram)

You give a lot more than you get in this life. That’s the way it works. That’s the way it is. Much is required of us in this journey of life if we want it to have any meaning and value. And that’s great, because it gives us purpose. It gives us something to live and die for. And the great thing is that when we do receive our just rewards in the form of quick, fleeting moments they are the most amazing, beautiful, full moments that give us everything we want and need. Life is not about easy, we don’t need easy. Yes it’s nice every once in a while but not a necessity for us. Life is about experience, and learning, and growing, and loving, and living. The thing is, you have to choose to do it. You have to choose to give, and experience, and learn, and grow, and work, and sacrifice, and suffer, and struggle, and love, and to live. You have to embrace life fully and keep going, no matter how hard it gets. That’s how we move forward. We decide, we commit, and we succeed. Succeeding isn’t always glamorous but it is most certainly always worth it. 

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