Our Sacred Sisterhood

We women have something quite special. Something that links all of us and makes us a part of one another. We share this beautiful, divine light that we each possess. And the cool part about that is that we express it and embody it in different ways; yet we are still together in it. There’s something magical about that. And that’s just it, isn’t it. It’s magic that we possess. We share a magic light that radiates and enlightens this world. And when femmes come together, there is nothing brighter than that. We are the givers of life, the shepherds of hope, the backbone of this world. We are connected in so many ways. When we come together special, seemingly impossible things take place. I love all of my Sisters. We are bound by something much stronger and more potent than blood, we are bound by magic and love. We have a oneness that can not be broken, and is especially powerful when we realize it.

Let Us shine our light and embrace ourselves individually.

Let Us come together in our Sisterhood with joined hands and locked arms.

Let Us dance in the light we radiate together.

Let Us rise up into the knowing of the power and magic we possess.

Let Us shine together.

Let Us make the impossible, possible.

Let Us use our divine gifts to better ourselves, each other, and this world.

Let Us become the Goddesses that we are and be of many voices that sound off as one, and of many hands that create many things of, from, and for Love.

There are things that can only be done by Us and created only in ways We can do so. This sacred Sisterhood is among one of the most powerful, undervalued, underestimated, and hidden truths that needs to be brought back to light, and on a whole new, and bigger, scale. So I say, Sisters, I see you, I know you, I feel you, I understand you, I love you.

Let’s Rise, Together.

We Are Divine Feminine
We Are Sisters, of a Sacred Sisterhood
We possess Femme Power
We possess Femme Magic
We Are Goddesses United


Life Lessons

Life is duality, and an oxymoron. It is logical and illogical, certain and uncertain, right and wrong, possible and impossible. Life is not to be defined or quantified in any way. It is this understanding that has opened up my entire world, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Life is opposites and sameness at once. It is both here and there. It is quite profound when you really begin to comprehend this truth. Just look around you. Read. Research. Observe life as it takes place this very moment. You’ll begin to realize that any and everything is possible and since this is true, you therefore are a miracle, and a damn beautiful thing in the midst of a damn beautiful existence. There are not very many things in life that are solely black and white. Life is mainly a giant grey area where, again, any and everything is possible. That is both an uncomfortable and comforting thing. ⬅ You see what I mean?

My point is, not much in life is set in stone, so live the life you want. Be what you want. Do what you want. Go where you want. Have what you want. Do for others. Do for yourself. Make an impact. Live. Love. You’re going to experience every facet of life. Accept it, deal with it, and move forward with a grateful, thankful, appreciative, happy attitude and heart and go forth with love.

Truth: Jesse Williams

I fully support and agree with Jesse Williams’ speech. This post is in regard to people “opposing” the truths of what he said.

As it relates to Race & Culture and the hardships and negativity that POC (person/people of color, i.e. anyone who’s not white) have, there are 4 truths:

1) If you live in America and are a POC, your race/culture has had to deal with oppression, discrimination, rasicm, classism, and negativity on some level.

2) We (POC) suffer in different ways, to different degrees. Yes, we have suffered in some of the same ways and that is something that we have that connects us in a very potent and unfortunate way. Yet it remains true that not all suffering is the same. It does not take away from, demean, or dismiss the suffering of others, it’s just a truth that there are different degrees to it, as there are many things in life.

3) Someone acknowledging the hardships of their own race/culture does not take away from, demean, forget, or dismiss the hardships of other POC. People can only come from their own point of view. We can at the very least try to understand, if we don’t already identify with, the same issues or other issues other POC have endured.
-And as it pertains to speaking for other POC and their hardships, I don’t expect Latin or Asian people to know any or all of the hardships of people of African and Indegenous culture nor should I, just as I can’t and don’t know all of their hardships and the way they experience their hardships. It’s not okay to expect that. It’s unnecessary to expect that. That’s not something we should have to identify with in the first place nor is it anything to be proud of to share such terrifying and horrible treatmemt.

4) The more melanin (aka the darker) your skin tone, the worse, more neglected, more unrepresented, and more ignored you are.
-And as it pertains to Indegenous Nations (of pre-America and pre-Australia as main, big examples), the worse your history is with white people invading your land the more hidden, ignored, and forgotten you are.

These are simple, verifiable facts. And as it stands, we each should be a part of and acknowledgement our own personal race/culture and embrace it, as well as be aware of and support our fellow POC who face the same and different forms of negativity. It takes knowing yourself and then coming together with others to move forward and better this life and this world.

I am of African American, Blackfoot Nation, and Cherokee Nation descent from both my mother and father, as well as Crèole and Irish descent. So I know very much about hardships and negativity towards people of color.

The truth is, our race and culture are a part of who we are, they do not define us, but they are huge parts of who we are as individuals. We could easily have been born any other race, no one chooses what race they will be, or what culture they’ll be born into either. But it is still something to be acknowleged and respected, because we are all people who are different, beautiful, special, and unique. So it’s not teaching kids and people to “not see color”, but it’s acknowledging and respecting another’s race and culture. That’s what this is about, acknowledging and knowing the hardships and negativity towards POC, learning from it so we can know how to be and do better and not go back to it, and moving forward. People also have to understand that this is a conversation that has to be had because it is our history as humanity. It is the truth of where we came from and the conditions that led to us being in the place we are right now. We need to finally acknowledge our history, know our history, deal with the conditions we’re in, and move forward.

8 Things Cinderella Reminded Me About

Here are 8 important and inspiring key things from Cinderella (the 2015 live action film) that really got me thinking and inspired:

1) Patience
2) Kindness
3) Courage
4) Empathy
5) Compassion
6) Goodness
7) Light
8) Love

1) Be patient with yourself and others. We’re all learning, we’re all going through something, we’re all growing. And even when dealing with those who aren’t, it’s not worth your energy to get riled up.
2) Be kind to yourself and others. You deserve it and so does everyone else around you. It never hurts to show a little kindness. Kindness➡Goodness➡Magic➡Awesome Life
3) Be courageous. A lot of great things come when you find and use your courage. You discover a lot about you and the world around you when you give yourself the chance to embrace it.
4) Use your empathy. A lot of us do not and it’s so sad. People don’t care about others or their predicaments until the same situation directly affects those very ones who don’t care. That’s not the way we should be. We should always be concerned for others and try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Caring for others goes a long way.
5) Practice compassion. Some people can not do for themselves in certain ways and if you have the means to help another, do it. Some of us just need a leg up, a boost, a little push, a sign that someone cares, that we are not alone. Help where you can, how you can.
6) Embrace and practice your goodness. Goodness lives within all of us. It is a natural thing born into us. It is simply up to us to either embrace it or not. It is 100% beneficial to embrace and practice goodness. It is beneficial to you and everyone around you and doesn’t do you any harm to do.
7) Let your light shine. We all have a light inside of us. It can be a small ember, or it can be sparked into a raging flame. Someone, something, or we ourselves can spark it. But, individually, it is ourselves who keep that flame alive. Your light is beautiful, bright, unique, and brilliant. Let it shine.
8) Love, Love, Love. Love is the root of all of these things. Love is where these things come from. Love encompasses all of these things and more. You are made of love, you are made from love. Acknowledge it, accept it, embrace it. Love is life.

She was a lucky girl to have had such a simple, easy-going, and relaxed disposition. While she was passionate and strong in her morals, values, beliefs, and who she is as a whole, she was naturally gentle. I used to be that way and have somehow kind of flipped and become more uptight. Cinderella is helping me find my way back to that simple, easy-going, relaxed state of mind and being. Every time I watch that movie I am brought back to that place of peace and relaxation of heart. She embodies everything that I hope and practice to be and she represents what we all have inside of us. No, we don’t all have to have the same disposition and upbringing of kindness, love, and goodness. Unfortunately, not all of us get that, but we can all certainly learn it. Practice, practice, practice. “Practice makes the master.”

“Have courage and be kind. Where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic.”

Truth Is…

Truth is, we are not a people that take our own lives into our own hands the way we should. We have let nescience and fear lead us for far too long.
Truth is, we have to take back our power. We give power to others when we decide to not be involved. We have to get involved.
Truth is, we do not communicate enough, nor do we communicate effectively enough. We need to really, honestly, truthfully come together and put forth a genuine effort to work as one heart.
Truth is, we have to start working now, and not stop until we figure out all that we need to. We need to put in the work and effort to do and be better for the sake of everyone and everything here on this planet.
Truth is, the fate of the world lies in the every minute decisions of every human being mature enough to do their part. It is going to take all of us to make things right and better. We have to get to it.
Truth is, love is the answer. Loving yourself and spreading that love everywhere you go is how we fix this. Caring about yourself and others is how we fix this. Doing our best is how we fix this. Doing our part is how we fix this. Taking chances and risks and never quitting is how we fix this. Linking arms and planting ourselves like trees in love is how we fix this. Going forward like an elephant in the wild, forging our own path is how we fix this. Thinking and doing for ourselves is how we fix this. This is how we move forward and become better. This is how we create something wonderful, solid, and long lasting for future generations.
Do what’s right, use your brain, use your heart, use your empathy, use your common sense, use your love. Connect. Connection is key, realizing that you never were, aren’t, and will never be alone is imperative. When we recognize, acknowledge, accept, and embrace unity and love, we conquer all things. Genuine love is worth everything. You deserve it and so does everyone else.
Start now. With every breath you take love, care for yourself and others, pay attention to what’s going on around you, find the truth, do not be led by ignorance and fear, get involved with things that build us as humanity and bring us together, do what you love, follow your passions, support things that conserve and help better and maintain the Earth. There are so many ways to make this life and world better. Go do it.
It all starts with you. If we each realize that we are a part of this world and if we are not helping we are hindering then we can get a lot of great things done and bring out the best in life.


You gotta get up now. You gotta move. Go. Wherever it is you want to be, whatever it is you want to do, whoever it is you want to be, achieve it. You can’t stay here. You gotta go forward. Walk through that door.
Push, push, push, push, push.
Don’t give up. You may need to take a break and rest every so often but you can’t stop. Don’t stop. Never stop. Don’t quit.
You can do this. You can make it. You can fight through. You can overcome. You can win.
Commit. Work. Use all your skills. Get a move on. You’ve got it. You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row to get going. You can make a way. Take that leap of faith. Take that first step. Make those risky decisions. Go for it. This is your chance. This is your time. Get livin’.


Rise Up

Now, more than ever, we need to come together and stand as one people and speak as one voice for the sake of one another. This world has always been and will always be a dangerous and treacherous place. But that is not all that dwells here. Kindness, care, positivity, hope, faith, mindfulness, respect, celebration, diversity, goodness, light, and love dwell here too. And it is absolutely imperative that we go forth together, in, with, and of love. We must stand against senseless violence and hatred.

In the last month, 3 young men have been convicted of assulting a mentally disabled boy and face life in prison meanwhile a young man raped an unconscious woman and is tapped on the wrist with a 6 month sentence, a man murdered a woman after her performance doing what she loved, and another man massacred a group of people who were simply living their lives.

These kinds of injustice can not be tolerated any longer. We need to stand against and rise above fear, hatred, senseless violence, judgment, and cruelty. We have to do something. We have to care. We have to speak up and we have to love one another. There can no longer be an acceptable place for judgment and cruelty. Hold your loved ones close and live your life, breath by breath, with love. Let us rise up and hold hands as we walk through this life together.

Love and light to all the victims in Orlando and I continue to stand whole-heartedly with the LGBTQ community.

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Quote of the Day


(Repost from Tumblr)

Don’t forget that power. Never give up on it. We can get so caught up in whatever we’re going through that we forget what we’re capable of and what we can handle. You’ve got so much inside of you, everything you need to be your best, do your best, and succeed greatly. There is no doubting what you have, it’s there whether you recognize it or not. It’s just a matter of you putting it to use. You have everything you need, no matter how broken, helpless, lost, or hopeless you feel, you can make it through. You can overcome. You can.