Truth Is…

Truth is, we are not a people that take our own lives into our own hands the way we should. We have let nescience and fear lead us for far too long.
Truth is, we have to take back our power. We give power to others when we decide to not be involved. We have to get involved.
Truth is, we do not communicate enough, nor do we communicate effectively enough. We need to really, honestly, truthfully come together and put forth a genuine effort to work as one heart.
Truth is, we have to start working now, and not stop until we figure out all that we need to. We need to put in the work and effort to do and be better for the sake of everyone and everything here on this planet.
Truth is, the fate of the world lies in the every minute decisions of every human being mature enough to do their part. It is going to take all of us to make things right and better. We have to get to it.
Truth is, love is the answer. Loving yourself and spreading that love everywhere you go is how we fix this. Caring about yourself and others is how we fix this. Doing our best is how we fix this. Doing our part is how we fix this. Taking chances and risks and never quitting is how we fix this. Linking arms and planting ourselves like trees in love is how we fix this. Going forward like an elephant in the wild, forging our own path is how we fix this. Thinking and doing for ourselves is how we fix this. This is how we move forward and become better. This is how we create something wonderful, solid, and long lasting for future generations.
Do what’s right, use your brain, use your heart, use your empathy, use your common sense, use your love. Connect. Connection is key, realizing that you never were, aren’t, and will never be alone is imperative. When we recognize, acknowledge, accept, and embrace unity and love, we conquer all things. Genuine love is worth everything. You deserve it and so does everyone else.
Start now. With every breath you take love, care for yourself and others, pay attention to what’s going on around you, find the truth, do not be led by ignorance and fear, get involved with things that build us as humanity and bring us together, do what you love, follow your passions, support things that conserve and help better and maintain the Earth. There are so many ways to make this life and world better. Go do it.
It all starts with you. If we each realize that we are a part of this world and if we are not helping we are hindering then we can get a lot of great things done and bring out the best in life.

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