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We have this recurring hypocritical issue of using a person’s past mistakes and downfalls against them to demean them, and using our own past mistakes and downfalls to justify ourselves. Truth is, in order for us to move forward, we need not be afraid of our past and the faults that lie there. We need only focus on the present moment and moving toward being and doing better. And we each have to look within ourselves and find that place in which we do not judge our fellow man. We all fall short. And we all deserve the right and chance to do and be better. 

 We should all work with one another and be patient with one another. When we are firm, kind, and understanding toward one another things can get done a lot easier and quicker. We have to be willing NOT to give up on one another. Every person and situation is different, but in most cases, we can hold out (and much longer in other cases) for one another. There isn’t much we can’t overcome, and when we come together and put forth a genuine effort to work with one another, life gets that much better. 

 Ackowledge and accept that we all make mistakes and have downfalls and have things we must overcome. Some of our sins, downfalls, and mistakes are far worse than others I grant, but we each have a right and a reason to get back on our feet and try again. Recognize that we are all works in constant progress. We are all continuously transforming. 

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