What I Love | Poem

Do you know what I love?

I love seeing myself in others. I love spotting all the tiny similarities and likenesses, the ways in which I am just like others around me, others I do not personally know.

Do you know what I love?

The differences I see from myself and others. Others don’t love like me, they don’t feel like me, they don’t think like me, they don’t express like me, nor I like them.

Do you know what I love?

I love the tiny, little moments and bursts of happiness that I feel when I see something that stirs my soul, that moves my creativity, that sparks my inner fire.

Do you know what I love?

I love that I experience all these things. It’s euphoric, this feeling; so powerful. We’re like fireworks. We are each different colored sparks, in different shapes, in different sizes, in different packages and packaging. Yet we are all the same in that we are all fireworks. We are beautiful individually and spectacular when we all go off together.

I love me. I love us.


This Moment

“Do not be concerned about the future; keep your attention on today, and stay in the present moment. Just live one day at a time.-”

                          – Don Miguel Ruiz
This is so important to remember. Now is all that exists, now is all that matters. Stay in this moment, be here. When you mess up, own it, get up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward. When things are good, enjoy it, savor it, appreciate it. Learn, grow, build, experience, enjoy, love, do. This moment is all we have, take hold of it. No matter your situation or circumstances you can live and be as you wish. You simply have to take the reins of your own life and put in the work to be yourself, love yourself, and take care of yourself. You’ve got this. Believe in you.

Words of Wisdom

Learn as you go, build as you grow.

This phrase hit me one day as I was looking through a visionboard of mine (I have 3). It is what I’ve seen, and see, so many people live out. You must be adaptable and always on the learning curve. Life is ever-changing, as we ourselves are, and we must keep up in order to succeed and thrive. It’s also critical that you build, continuously, on the lessons that come your way; and even smarter from those of the people around you. Put yourself in the right position to learn and grow through willingness and determination and make your way to the life you wish to live and the person you wish to be.