Quote of the Day

“I’ll fight for my future long before I hope for it.”

– Madison Stewart


For me, and many young people like me, I’ve taken my life and my responsibility to contribute to this world into my own hands. I don’t need permission to live. I choose to do, for myself and for others. What are you doing? What is your choice? No matter your age, or any other thing that makes you the person that you are, you have to choose your life for yourself. We can not sit around and idle in complacency and conform to a mold that is not our own. We have to live and do for ourselves. We need no ones permission to live and live well. We need no ones permission to love and be loved. Go out and prosper.

Life Lesson

Dealing with your own pain is hard enough, but dealing with that of someone else, especially someone you care for and love deeply, is a whole other thing all together. 

You can’t fight someone in their struggle, let alone about their struggle. They have to heal in their own way, in their own time. All you can do is be present for them, patient, understanding, honest, truthful, supportive, and loving. It’s not a walk in the park. Seeing another suffer is one of the absolute worst things that we have to deal with as humans. But it happens. And we have to be there for people in their struggle. They have to deal and we need to be there for them. Because though their struggle affects us, it’s not about us, it’s about them. Remember that. We all have to learn. 

Getting It Together

Getting it together is an ongoing process, as I have come to learn. It being yourself, your life in general, your work, your spirituality. It encompasses many things. I used to feel like getting it together was a thing that took a limited amount of time. You work on it like you do everything else and it gets simpler to deal with as you go. Easier? No. Life Is not easy and is not now, nor has it ever been, dependent on ease. But it does not have an actual time stamp. Everyone of us are different and our situations are different as well, it’s case by case as far as it pertains to how we handle it, when we handle it, etc.

It is a process, an ongoing, ever-changing process and as for me, I am in the process of beginning to get it together in general. Starting is usually the hardest part. That’s what I heard. And boy is it true. The biggest killer of this process is procrastination and laziness. I am 110% guilty of both. I was stuck for a couple of years after graduating high school, then I started to find myself internally, emotionally, and spiritually. I became aware of myself in those ways. But I soon realized that that isn’t enough either, to just be aware. You have to act upon your awareness. And that’s when the falling short came in. I became a procrastinator. For a year I distracted myself. After that I hit the spot most of us hit a couple years after high school, I had no clue what my purpose was, what I was passionate about. So for  the next year I was just plain lost. That led me to becoming lazy.

Laziness is a terrible phase to be in. You feel sluggish and tired all the time and you long for something better but put forth no effort or strength to make things happen for yourself. Well, let me clarify something, it is not the end of the world for you to be in this phase. It happens, not to everyone but to many, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. People get here and we look around to see others moving and doing things while we sit stagnant. Do not stay in that moment of discouragement. It happens. What we need to learn is that we must not judge ourselves or others and lie acting like this stage doesn’t happen. People have been stifled for too long through lies and deceit. If you’re in this stage of laziness, firstly acknowledge it, then make an effort to change your mindset. We get stuck in laziness because we make no effort.

Effort is the difference between those of us who live and those who just exist. No one wants to just exist, but that’s what happens when you don’t try. You have to try, you have to be willing to work, all the time, on yourself and your life. Do right by yourself. Give yourself a chance. We are meant to have hardships and struggles. What we are meant to do is experience them, learn from them, and move on. It can seem a daunting task, but it can certainly be done. Give it your all and life will see that and respond to it. The vibes and work that we put out matter. They matter a lot. They are the difference between a fulfilled and unfulfilled life. Please do yourself the favor and commit. Commit to yourself. People, be they family, friends, colleagues, strangers, whoever, will have opinions and thoughts and feelings about you and pretty much everything you do. There is no way to avoid that, so accept that that is a non-factor for you.

Focus on you. Find what it is you want to do, what you love and are passionate about. If you are not sure, do what you really like. There is always something that you really like and enjoy, do that. And if it’s multiple things that’s even better. There is this quote that inspires me and reminds me to constantly do this. “The shit that makes your heart beat faster and your eyes glow when you do it or talk about it, no matter if it’s hiking, yoga, gardening, painting, sex, meditation, photography, going for walks, helping others – do that. Do it as often as you can. Because that’s what life is about. Creating as many passionate, happy moments as possible. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing the things you love – not even yourself.” These words ring true. Again I’m only in the beginning stages myself as I’ve just finally decided to truly commit to myself. But I just want to encourage you to do the same. Make the leap.

A lot of the villains in movies and books like to say that their enemies are weak for caring, but the truth, in fiction and reality, is that it takes much more guts to actually deal with yourself, your life, your circumstances and situations, to actually try, and put yourself out there. It takes guts, brains, bravery, courage, heart, strength, and more to give a shit. It is easy to hide from yourself, others, and life and to let your potential slip away from you because you don’t take the chance to overcome your fears and obstacles. That is true weakness. And you are not weak by nature. Greatness and strength are in our genes, they are the fabric from which we were created. They live within us all. It is only a matter of realizing, acknowledging, accepting, and acting upon our selves and potential. You can do it, you can make it work. Trust in yourself. Your greatness and strength are there within you whether you realize it or not. But when you make the decision to begin and begin, life takes notice and works in your favor.

Like I said in the beginning, we are all different and our situations are too because we are all different in how we handle things and who we deal with and so on. The point is that you have what it takes to make it in this world and life. Effort and perseverance is what it takes. As you get it together, remember these words. There is no limit because it is an ongoing process, but you must be diligent. Of course, we must keep in mind that we never know when our lives will end, that is the only limit that exists as long as you are alive. But let no one tell you that it’s too late to change. As long as there is breathe in your body, you can overcome, you can learn, you can grow, you can do and be better. You Can. You Can. You Can. After all, people have been doing it since we came to be on this glorious planet. The choice is  yours my friend. You have everything you need and are more than capable of leading a happy and fulfilling life. Go get it.


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As consumers, there are things we need and things we don’t need. There are things that some of us have the privilege of having the option to enjoy and we should be mindful of these things. Now, more than ever, we need to be mindful and actively aware of what it is we are purchasing. We need to know how the things we use are made, where, what it’s made of, if it’s environment and animal friendly, at what cost morally and ethically it is being made, and if it is, in fact, being made morally and ethically. 

 All each of us has to have is what we need, no more, no less. Of course there are exceptions and it’s always cool to splurge, but do so with awareness and mindfully. We are where we are now as a whole because of greed and excess. It’s time to do better. Know where your things are coming from and make sure that they are safe products that do no harm. There are so many healthy, natural products, brands, and businesses out there that we can utilize. Support local businesses and start buying local, go to specialty places for certain things rather than going the one-stop-shop commercial route. 

 Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you need a one-stop-shop, but a lot of those places are not moral and ethical anymore and we really need to get behind and support places and people that do things a better and more genuine way. Support businesses and people that stand for something good and positive. We’ve gotten away from this as a society in the last 30 to 40 years. Things used to be based on morals, ethics, doing things the right way, taking care of people, and mindfully making products; not so much anymore, but we can change that. Let’s go back to those days of authenticity and genuine care for what we buy, where we buy, how we buy, and from whom we buy. 

 The system that we currently have is not set up to help and benefit us as it should, so it’s difficult to be able to afford things that are healthier and better for us sometimes. Let’s do what we can, where we can, how we can, when you can. How you shop, where you shop, and what you shop for matters, immensely. Let’s take matters into our own hands and stand together to do and be better for ourselves and for all. It’s time that we put our action where our hearts are. Let’s lead and live by example.