Personal Affirmation

I live in a constant state of gratefulness, thankfulness, ease, and bliss. I put up no resistance to life and what it provides me. I accept my path, I know my purpose and my truth. I fear no one and nothing.

I flow as life flows. What comes comes and what goes goes. I know who I am. I live my truth. I do what is best for me and in the best interest of everyone and everything around me.

I stand for what is right. I stand for justice. I stand for peace. I stand for myself. I stand for you. I stand for Love. I know that life will always present challenges and I face them, head on as best as I can.

I know that darkness will never go away. I embrace that, and that light also, will never go away. I accept the duality of myself. I accept the endless possibilities of life. I cherish and love the Earth and all of her creatures as they are simply others forms of myself, as I am another of them.

I Am that I Am.


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