8 Things Cinderella Reminded Me About

Here are 8 important and inspiring key things from Cinderella (the 2015 live action film) that really got me thinking and inspired:

1) Patience
2) Kindness
3) Courage
4) Empathy
5) Compassion
6) Goodness
7) Light
8) Love

1) Be patient with yourself and others. We’re all learning, we’re all going through something, we’re all growing. And even when dealing with those who aren’t, it’s not worth your energy to get riled up.
2) Be kind to yourself and others. You deserve it and so does everyone else around you. It never hurts to show a little kindness. Kindness➡Goodness➡Magic➡Awesome Life
3) Be courageous. A lot of great things come when you find and use your courage. You discover a lot about you and the world around you when you give yourself the chance to embrace it.
4) Use your empathy. A lot of us do not and it’s so sad. People don’t care about others or their predicaments until the same situation directly affects those very ones who don’t care. That’s not the way we should be. We should always be concerned for others and try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Caring for others goes a long way.
5) Practice compassion. Some people can not do for themselves in certain ways and if you have the means to help another, do it. Some of us just need a leg up, a boost, a little push, a sign that someone cares, that we are not alone. Help where you can, how you can.
6) Embrace and practice your goodness. Goodness lives within all of us. It is a natural thing born into us. It is simply up to us to either embrace it or not. It is 100% beneficial to embrace and practice goodness. It is beneficial to you and everyone around you and doesn’t do you any harm to do.
7) Let your light shine. We all have a light inside of us. It can be a small ember, or it can be sparked into a raging flame. Someone, something, or we ourselves can spark it. But, individually, it is ourselves who keep that flame alive. Your light is beautiful, bright, unique, and brilliant. Let it shine.
8) Love, Love, Love. Love is the root of all of these things. Love is where these things come from. Love encompasses all of these things and more. You are made of love, you are made from love. Acknowledge it, accept it, embrace it. Love is life.

She was a lucky girl to have had such a simple, easy-going, and relaxed disposition. While she was passionate and strong in her morals, values, beliefs, and who she is as a whole, she was naturally gentle. I used to be that way and have somehow kind of flipped and become more uptight. Cinderella is helping me find my way back to that simple, easy-going, relaxed state of mind and being. Every time I watch that movie I am brought back to that place of peace and relaxation of heart. She embodies everything that I hope and practice to be and she represents what we all have inside of us. No, we don’t all have to have the same disposition and upbringing of kindness, love, and goodness. Unfortunately, not all of us get that, but we can all certainly learn it. Practice, practice, practice. “Practice makes the master.”

“Have courage and be kind. Where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic.”


You gotta get up now. You gotta move. Go. Wherever it is you want to be, whatever it is you want to do, whoever it is you want to be, achieve it. You can’t stay here. You gotta go forward. Walk through that door.
Push, push, push, push, push.
Don’t give up. You may need to take a break and rest every so often but you can’t stop. Don’t stop. Never stop. Don’t quit.
You can do this. You can make it. You can fight through. You can overcome. You can win.
Commit. Work. Use all your skills. Get a move on. You’ve got it. You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row to get going. You can make a way. Take that leap of faith. Take that first step. Make those risky decisions. Go for it. This is your chance. This is your time. Get livin’.


Quote of the Day


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Don’t forget that power. Never give up on it. We can get so caught up in whatever we’re going through that we forget what we’re capable of and what we can handle. You’ve got so much inside of you, everything you need to be your best, do your best, and succeed greatly. There is no doubting what you have, it’s there whether you recognize it or not. It’s just a matter of you putting it to use. You have everything you need, no matter how broken, helpless, lost, or hopeless you feel, you can make it through. You can overcome. You can.

3 Lessons Kids Teach Us


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1) There are always a few reasons to be happy; whether it be that you are alive, someone you love is alive and well, you get to see this beautiful world, and so on. But even when we can’t see them we can still be happy, because being happy is about being grateful and enjoying where you are, what you have, and who you have in the present moment; even if you only have yourself. Be grateful and go from there.

2) We can all constantly be doing something to better ourselves and others. We can do so through reading, learning, and whatever other ways specific to you that help you in what you love. There is so much knowledge our there for you, you just have to be willing and ready to learn.

3) Know what you want, let it be known, and then do the work to get it. Sometimes it’s as easy as simply asking for what you want, other times you have to work for it. Get moving and make your way to whatever it is you’re passionate about and desire. Do what you need to do to get where you want to be.

Woman Up! (Marvel Edition)

Howdy! So, Woman Up!* is a series of posts I’ll be doing on my favorite female hero’s, women who inspire me and who I believe can motivate us all, female and male alike. Women have come a ways from where we used to be but yet we still have far to go. That starts with us celebrating, building up, and loving one another. So this is in support, solidarity, and sisterhood of all my fellow Goddesses.


“Compromise where you can. Where you can’t, don’t. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right. Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye, and say ‘no, you move’.”
               – Margaret “Peggy” Carter
                       (Captain America)

These words resonate very deeply with me spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. It has been a very personal battle for me throughout my life to do just this, compromise when I can and to stand firm when I can not, to be strong and steadfast in who and what I am, and to stand for what’s right when I should. I can be quite timid, quiet, and very hidden inside my shell. But in recent years, and more recent time, I have learned to embrace the wise words of one of my favorite heroes, Peggy Carter. Do what you can, where you can, how you can, when you can. And when you can’t, stand fast. Do not be deterred by fear, hatred, anger, or any type negativity. Be true to yourself and your heart and always do what’s right. Know your value.

Peggy Carter represents not only the woman, but the person that I know I can and want to be. She embodies strength, unbreakable will power, perseverance, dedication, determination, love, kindness, goodness, care, intelligence, beauty, badassery, hope, faith, light, skill, grit, confidence, patience, control, calm, passion, control, purpose, self-discipline, and the full potential of women. There is so much power inside of us. All we have to do is embrace that power. We can do anything we want when we set our minds to it. We are unstoppable in the pursuit of what we love and if we’re willing to fight for it and never back down, we can overcome anything and have, do, and be what and who we want. Peggy was fearless and constant in her daily life to be and do the best she could at what she wanted. That same fearlessness and consistency lives within us too ladies. I know we’re not all fiery and fierce like agent Carter, but we can be in our own personal ways. All it takes is practice. Keep at it and go for it with your whole heart.

This is why I love stories, fiction and non-fiction. – I’m a HUUUGE Marvel fan!!!!!!!!!- They teach us so much in simple but exciting and interesting terms and ways. This is why the Arts are so important and imperative to humanity. Through the Arts we connect, learn, and grow. So celebrate, embrace, and enjoy my friends! There’s so much out there to love, appreciate, and learn from. Celebrate and support whatever it is that you love and that brings you joy. It’s important to do so.

* “Woman Up!” is the phrase said by The animated character Go-Go from the movie Big Hero 6. I love her character, really loved her catchphrase, and thought it was a fitting title for these posts. So yeah, just giving credit where credit is due, the phrase is not mine. But if you got that reference before I pointed it out, we’re nerd buddies!!

Community & Communication

There is a great lack in communication amongst us as a people, as the human race. There is so much going on, more than there has been for a long time in our history. There are more people, more issues, more problems, and more things to figure out in the world. If we are to make things better for ourselves we have to wake up and do better. This life is not just about us individually, it is about doing what we can for others along the way on our journey as well.

Communicate. Communicate honestly, truthfully, all the time with yourself firstly. Be real in looking at yourself, your habits, what you do, your mistakes and always do your best to be and do better. Then communicate honestly, truthfully, all the time with others. Life is simpler and better when you don’t lie, hide, or hold things back from others, especially those dear to you. When we see clearly about ourselves we can see clearer about everything else around us. And most of the things around us at this point in time are not good at all.

There is so much greed, hatred, willful ignorance, and blatant blindness happening in extreme amounts around the world about countless things from climate, to media, to injustice against humans and other living beings as well. We have to see what’s going on, accept it, and then do something about it. We can no longer afford to sit around and wait for “someone else” to make things better. No one else is going to save us or make things better. The fate of the future of humanity is in our hands, right now. Now is the time to speak, write, draw, play your instrument, sing, protest, plant, do and create in whatever medium(s) it is that speak to your heart, is your passion(s), and sparks the fire inside of you.

We must communicate, when we communicate we come together, and when we come together we become a community. We are all connected, humanity, this world, this universe, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Ackowledge that connection and embrace it. There are so many beautiful things waiting to happen, we simply have to learn to communicate. Communication is key. Communicate honestly, truthfully, all the time and you communicate effectively. Effective communication leads to positive, helpful outcomes, which we are in dire need of. So go change the world for the better. Love yourself, love others, live and let live, be kind, be honest, connect, have fun, always do what’s right, and be free.

We are One.

– AJ