All That We Are

All that we are, all that we can be, is the best that we can. We can not expect love from someone who has only ever known hate. We can not expect kindness from someone who has been cheated most of their life. The only thing we can expect from others, as well as ourselves, is the best we can do. This is why it is imperative not to judge others. You have no earthly idea what someone else is going through.

Do not misunderstand me, there is no excuse for consciously being rude, mean, unkind, judgmental, and hateful. When you are a child and those things are grown inside of you, you can not help it. You can only take on what is put into you at that point. But when you become mature and able to make your own decisions and choices, you are fully responsible for all of your actions. Just as it is for someone brought up in love it is the same for someone brought up in more difficult circumstances, do the best you can.

No more and no less can be expected from any living being. So we need to cut the crap and stop pretending that anyone is better than anyone else. Unless you make the conscious decision to be and do evil, then people who choose to do right are better. But other than that, we are all the same. We are all trying to make it through this life, doing the absolute best that we can. No one has any right or reason to put themselves above any one else.

We need to stop trying to make ourselves society acceptable and start living life the way it is truly meant to be lived. Screw all the rules and regulations of a society that has no interest in what is in yours, and the people you love’s, best interest. It is of no significance to try to please others, especially when they have no thought of you. On the opposite side of that coin, you can not expect more of others than you expect of yourself. Hold yourself to the standard you set for others. But never expect more of others than they can give.

This is the point at which we come together. Because we know not what perils and obstacles our fellow man faces. Therefore, we must meet one another on common ground. We have to accept one another for who we are. We have to make an attempt to try and understand one another. And those of us in a higher level of mind, spirit, and body must help those who’ve not yet reached the levels they can be at. In saying that, we must remember to do so, to do everything, with the love and light that is a part of us as best we can.

All that we are is the sum of what we do and what we give. Do your best, give your best, and you have fulfilled your life’s purpose. Some of us will do much better than others. Some of us will try and fail. Some of us will not try at all. Do your best and stay in close quarters of the company of those who are trying to do the same. We don’t owe anyone anything, however it is our due diligence to try to help others. We are all here together and we all deserve love, happiness, and goodness. There’s no reason we should not attempt to live in harmony, peace, and love.

In becoming who we are deep inside, the best versions of ourselves, and creating the wonderful world that we all want, we take life as it is and add to it every second of every day the aspects of how we can be and how this world can be. It’s all a matter of practice. We simply have to do our best in practicing to be the best we can be and do the best we can do to create the awesome paradise that this world will surely be when we all come together and love, genuinely and freely. Embrace the ups and downs, the troubles and triumphs, the bad and good, it’s all a part of life. When we stop fighting life, as it is, and start living it, as it is, putting in the energy, and putting in effort it takes to be here and live this life, we will know true greatness.

Do your best. No more and no less.