Carry On

There are no words to describe the bravery, courage, resilience, goodness, and love of all those souls who have been lost throughout the history of humanity. Many for no reason at all and others for pride, ego, greed, judgement, willful blindness, and hate.

I mourn for those beautiful souls. Those who could not do anything to help their situation and those who were able to. I mourn the short lives they led, the long lives they lived in terrible circumstances, the suffering they had to endure, the pain they had to endure, the horror they had to endure.

But I haven’t forgotten and I will never forget them. Their lives were not just suffering and pain, their lives were not just hopelessness and grief, they were the same as me and you. They lived everyday trying to do the best they could with what they had, where they were.

Their deaths were not in vain. They live on through me. They live on through all those who choose to stand for what’s right, believe in truth, fight for justice, care for all, and do the right thing. They are how we are all here now. It is because of them that we have this chance to live, love, and be free. We carry on their legacy.

I take this time to remember them, their precious lives, and all their honorable deeds. I carry on for those who never got the chance to truly live. I carry on for those who had nothing and no one. I carry on for those who did not get the chance to finish their mission. I carry on for those who did complete their mission. I carry on as they carried on for the ones before them. I carry on because I will not let all the blood, sweat, tears, pain, and hard work of those before be for not. I carry on for those who fight the same fight right now, in this moment. I carry on for those people who live here in this time, trying to make it in this day. I carry on to help all I can and to better all that I can.

Carry on.
Carry on.
Always, carry on.