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This is true of the best of humanity. The greatest of us and from us comes when we channel those things deep inside of us, desire, a dream, a vision, and will them into reality. That is exactly how humanity moves through existence. We are ever-changing and ever-growing through and because of our will to live, create, make better, push further, do what hasn’t been done before, and do better than what’s been done before. It takes these things, desire, vision, and will to do and make anything. Realize your dream, discover your vision, embrace your desire, and put them to work through your will. When you set your will to something the only choice you have is success and the only outcome is victory. Nothing and no one can stop you once you’ve set your will to it. Be the champion you were born to be.

Quote of the day

“When you’re put in an uncomfortable situation you either have to back off or step up.”
                      – Tyler Wright

You truly begin to live and experience life when you are in a situation that is out of your comfort zone. It is awkward and weird, yes, but at this point you truly begin to see what you are capable of. You discover the greatness that resides within you. Get uncomfortable. You never know where your greatness can lead you.