The Link in the Equation

” – but our countries are counting on us to miss the link… they are painting the enemy foreign and selling the product domestic… so let this build your anger for the depletion of our oceans, but make sure your anger goes to the right recipient.”

– Madison Stewart (aka Shark Girl)


This is the truth and the key to taking back our power as the people. We have to realize, acknowledge, and accept the atrocities and the depth of the atrocities we and our governments create. We have to first realize that what is happening is wrong and then that we continue it and normalize it every single day by our continued participation. The power lies with us. 

 We are the ones who fuel our oppressors. We are the ones who do the work for them and make their wrong doings possible, through willful blindness and fearful compliance. We can no longer exist under these circumstances; especially when we do not have to. We are under no obligation to add to our own suffering. And the only way to change things is to take radical action. 

 People were made to be afraid of that word. It is a powerful one, because when we become radical, things get done, things change. We have to start putting our best interest first instead of the oppressors. Anger is a useful tool if applied in the right way and mindset. It can be used to fuel good, creative, universal change, which is much needed right now. 

 In life, there are very few requirements in the grand scheme of things, and the #1 requirement is that you show up. You have to show up, for yourself and others. You have to act and take things into your own hands. You make the difference between war and peace, justice and injustice, hope and despair, right and wrong. You are the link that creates the world around you.  

 Your inaction is just as vital, and more in some cases, as your action. Your choices truly do matter. You truly do matter. Your life and presence here in this world, at this moment in time make ALL the difference. You’ve got to be willing to take charge of your own life, see things as they are, and do what you can to be a positive and helpful force during your journey here.
“- the world does not need people who hope for change right now, it needs people who will fight for it.”   – Madison Stewart

Life Lesson

Dealing with your own pain is hard enough, but dealing with that of someone else, especially someone you care for and love deeply, is a whole other thing all together. 

You can’t fight someone in their struggle, let alone about their struggle. They have to heal in their own way, in their own time. All you can do is be present for them, patient, understanding, honest, truthful, supportive, and loving. It’s not a walk in the park. Seeing another suffer is one of the absolute worst things that we have to deal with as humans. But it happens. And we have to be there for people in their struggle. They have to deal and we need to be there for them. Because though their struggle affects us, it’s not about us, it’s about them. Remember that. We all have to learn. 

Our Fate Is In Our Hands

Want change? Take action.

Get involved. Get in the know with your local government and participate, join in community activities, rally for causes that matter and are special to you. We gave our control away a long, long, long time ago, it’s time to take our control back. And it is imperative that we move now. We have to start working and never stop. The future is dependent upon our actions this very moment.  Be responsible in what and how you consume, in what you do, in how you approach life as a whole. You are a part of this world, so everything you do honestly does matter. Let’s come together and do better.

Changing the Narrative of Communication 

When it comes to communication in the past and in the present, we have fallen and continue to fall utterly short. There are things we do not do or see because we are solely focused on ourselves and stifle ourselves and others through selfishness. So how do we make things better, for everyone? Communication. Communication with ourselves firstly and then those around us. How do we communicate, genuinely and effectively?Acknowledgement. Acceptance. Action.

 Whether the topic of discussion or conversation is uncomfortable to you or not, it is necessary and fair to talk about issues that directly and indirectly affect others; whether we, ourselves, deal with the same issues or not. Our sight must go beyond ourselves, because what affects one surely affects another. We were put on this planet together and therefore are responsible for taking care of each other. We must take care of ourselves and look out for our fellow beings. 

 Help where you can, do what you can, be where you can, be what you can to those who need help. We are all works in progress, constantly learning and re-learning, and continuously growing. We all need the open, safe space to do so and the kindness, compassion, empathy, goodness, will, grit, and confidence to do so and be there for others as they do too. Work with others as you work with yourself. Give others the same treatment you give yourself when you are processing things (lessons and such). 

 Love. It is simple. Be patient, be kind, be understanding. Love all. Love is easy, people not so much. But when you apply love to yourself and then to the others around you, what a symphony of light and greatness it creates. It’s wonderous. Be ever-loving in each and every moment to the best of your ability. Love will never lead you astray. Love is the base, the foundation, the center, the reason, the whole of all of this; the truth of life itself. Let it lead you, let it guide you, let it fill you. Love is the key to communication.

 Acknowledge yourself and others, accept yourself and others as is, and love. Love, love, love. Live and love as thoroughly and as best you can. That’s all. Just do your best at all times and stay focused on love. Always come back to it. 


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We have this recurring hypocritical issue of using a person’s past mistakes and downfalls against them to demean them, and using our own past mistakes and downfalls to justify ourselves. Truth is, in order for us to move forward, we need not be afraid of our past and the faults that lie there. We need only focus on the present moment and moving toward being and doing better. And we each have to look within ourselves and find that place in which we do not judge our fellow man. We all fall short. And we all deserve the right and chance to do and be better. 

 We should all work with one another and be patient with one another. When we are firm, kind, and understanding toward one another things can get done a lot easier and quicker. We have to be willing NOT to give up on one another. Every person and situation is different, but in most cases, we can hold out (and much longer in other cases) for one another. There isn’t much we can’t overcome, and when we come together and put forth a genuine effort to work with one another, life gets that much better. 

 Ackowledge and accept that we all make mistakes and have downfalls and have things we must overcome. Some of our sins, downfalls, and mistakes are far worse than others I grant, but we each have a right and a reason to get back on our feet and try again. Recognize that we are all works in constant progress. We are all continuously transforming. 

Let’s Get To Work

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Because of technology, we have become enlightened about more of the wrong doings and terrible crimes happening behind closed doors. And what we must realize, accept, and deal with is the fact that these things have been happening and will continue to happen if we do not do something about it. “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”, as the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said. If someone is willing to be hateful, unfair, unjust, unkind, rude, mean, judgmental, or otherwise negative toward another, they are more than willing to be that way toward you. 

 No one wants to be mistreated or harmed. So now that we know more and see what is happening toward our fellow beings (humans, animals, and the Earth), we need to act. Use your voice, use your hands, give what you can, where you can, how you can to whatever cause that helps to garner the necessary help needed by others. Whether you can do a little or a lot, help is help, care is care. We won’t all be able to understand all of the struggles of our fellow beings, but the least we could do is try to understand, try to grasp the position that they are in and help in any way we can to amend the unneccasary problems they face.

 There are two major things we are solely responsible for in this life, how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. If you don’t know how someone else is being treated, you find out, and it is wrong, do something. It does no good to you or anyone else to sit back and be blind to the detriment of others. We are all in need of care, respect, support, and love. Let’s do that for one another. Let’s help each other. Let’s give each other the leg up we need. So much is backwards and wrong in this world, let’s have a hand in changing that.

 Things are happening, all the time, things that would make you happy and smile, and things that would make you cry tears of horror and give you nightmares for the rest of your life. We should all be active in the solution and enforcement of making it harder and completely unacceptable to mistreat and harm others. None of us can do this on our own. Those who wish to rule over, conquer, control, and harm others are not being lazy, taking breaks, or giving up. Why should we? We have something worth living and fighting for. We have something worth all the blood, sweat, tears, and work this life has to offer. We have love and one another. You are worth it all. I am worth it all. Animals are worth it all. This Earth is worth it all. We are worth it all. We are worthy of love, kindness, goodness, acceptance, freedom, and happiness. So fight for it.

 We are no longer blind or unaware of many things, so now it is time to face them and deal with them. No matter how uncomfortable, hard, or difficult these issues may be, we need to come together and work these problems out. No matter how long it takes, it is in everyone’s best interest to solve these things while we can. These issues should not be left to our future generations to solve when these are our burdens to bare and deal with right now. Let’s get to work.

Community & Communication

There is a great lack in communication amongst us as a people, as the human race. There is so much going on, more than there has been for a long time in our history. There are more people, more issues, more problems, and more things to figure out in the world. If we are to make things better for ourselves we have to wake up and do better. This life is not just about us individually, it is about doing what we can for others along the way on our journey as well.

Communicate. Communicate honestly, truthfully, all the time with yourself firstly. Be real in looking at yourself, your habits, what you do, your mistakes and always do your best to be and do better. Then communicate honestly, truthfully, all the time with others. Life is simpler and better when you don’t lie, hide, or hold things back from others, especially those dear to you. When we see clearly about ourselves we can see clearer about everything else around us. And most of the things around us at this point in time are not good at all.

There is so much greed, hatred, willful ignorance, and blatant blindness happening in extreme amounts around the world about countless things from climate, to media, to injustice against humans and other living beings as well. We have to see what’s going on, accept it, and then do something about it. We can no longer afford to sit around and wait for “someone else” to make things better. No one else is going to save us or make things better. The fate of the future of humanity is in our hands, right now. Now is the time to speak, write, draw, play your instrument, sing, protest, plant, do and create in whatever medium(s) it is that speak to your heart, is your passion(s), and sparks the fire inside of you.

We must communicate, when we communicate we come together, and when we come together we become a community. We are all connected, humanity, this world, this universe, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Ackowledge that connection and embrace it. There are so many beautiful things waiting to happen, we simply have to learn to communicate. Communication is key. Communicate honestly, truthfully, all the time and you communicate effectively. Effective communication leads to positive, helpful outcomes, which we are in dire need of. So go change the world for the better. Love yourself, love others, live and let live, be kind, be honest, connect, have fun, always do what’s right, and be free.

We are One.

– AJ

The Solution: Acknowledge, Accept, Love

There is cause and effect. A problem and a solution. We have an abundance of issues that need to be solved at all times, but we have a significant amount at this present time. And we seem to like focusing on the wrong things. We spend way too much time being upset about the situation and forgetting to do something about the situation. What we need to do is focus on the solution and enforce it. In this specific case, we need the solution to all of us coming together and making this world a better place.

Here is the solution: We start treating each other better, ackowledging, accepting, representing authentically, and above all, loving one another for who we are as people and living beings. We start showing kindess, care, and respect for one another. We start honoring each other. We start recognizing one another for whatever it is that an individual or group of individuals is succeeding greatly at no matter their race, culture, religion, sexuality, sexual orientation, age, or gender. Those things are a part of who we each are, but they do not define us. We’ve got to start thinking for ourselves, questioning things, and coming to our own conclusions with open hearts, open minds, and the willingness to work, help, and learn from and with one another. It is time to enter an Era of universal acknowledgement, acceptance, and love. We are all special and each have something amazing to give this world and we all deserve the chance to have every privilege and opportunity to live, experience, and enjoy everything this beautiful life and world has to offer; as well as what we each have to offer.

No matter what, we all deserve the best and can have it. It’s simply a matter of us coming together and making things better. Let those with their negativity, close-mindedness, small-mindedness, judgments, hatred, and limitations be left to their own devices. They will try to stop those of us who oppose them; we need not be afraid or falter. When we come together as one, we are mighty and we are victorious. They can not stop us. The thing that they can never ever take from us, the thing that they can never stop, is our love. That is exactly what we are giving and sharing, and how we are going to change the world for the better. So my friends, let us love. Love freely, love truly, love genuinely.

Communication Is Key

Everything stems from communication. How we connect with ourselves, each other, the Earth, animals, the oceans, everything, grows, changes, and transforms from communication.

We have to be and deal with ourselves, firstly. And we must deal with and communicate with ourselves internally often, truthfully, and honestly, with love and kindness. Then, we must do the same for everyone and everything else. When we don’t communicate effectively with ourselves and others, we sabotage ourselves and others. We take the unnecessary risk of hurting ourselves and others.

It remains true though, that in making mistakes we learn from bad communication, but when we learn we must put that knowledge to use. We can not continue to ignore, misinterpret, and hide from communication. It is time to wake up and face the music. If we are going to move forward as individuals and as humanity, we need to learn and practice better communication.

Communication is often the main disconnect we have that ends up creating a domino affect of unnecessary events, feelings, and emotions that can be completely avoided if we simply take the time to communicate and to do it right. There is a certain realm in which to communicate and communicate effectively in many, different ways, just as there is there is a realm in which we should not communicate in non helpful ways. We must learn and know the difference and do our best to be as efficient, effective, honest, truthful, open-minded, caring and loving in our communication as a whole.