The Solution: Acknowledge, Accept, Love

There is cause and effect. A problem and a solution. We have an abundance of issues that need to be solved at all times, but we have a significant amount at this present time. And we seem to like focusing on the wrong things. We spend way too much time being upset about the situation and forgetting to do something about the situation. What we need to do is focus on the solution and enforce it. In this specific case, we need the solution to all of us coming together and making this world a better place.

Here is the solution: We start treating each other better, ackowledging, accepting, representing authentically, and above all, loving one another for who we are as people and living beings. We start showing kindess, care, and respect for one another. We start honoring each other. We start recognizing one another for whatever it is that an individual or group of individuals is succeeding greatly at no matter their race, culture, religion, sexuality, sexual orientation, age, or gender. Those things are a part of who we each are, but they do not define us. We’ve got to start thinking for ourselves, questioning things, and coming to our own conclusions with open hearts, open minds, and the willingness to work, help, and learn from and with one another. It is time to enter an Era of universal acknowledgement, acceptance, and love. We are all special and each have something amazing to give this world and we all deserve the chance to have every privilege and opportunity to live, experience, and enjoy everything this beautiful life and world has to offer; as well as what we each have to offer.

No matter what, we all deserve the best and can have it. It’s simply a matter of us coming together and making things better. Let those with their negativity, close-mindedness, small-mindedness, judgments, hatred, and limitations be left to their own devices. They will try to stop those of us who oppose them; we need not be afraid or falter. When we come together as one, we are mighty and we are victorious. They can not stop us. The thing that they can never ever take from us, the thing that they can never stop, is our love. That is exactly what we are giving and sharing, and how we are going to change the world for the better. So my friends, let us love. Love freely, love truly, love genuinely.

Communication Is Key

Everything stems from communication. How we connect with ourselves, each other, the Earth, animals, the oceans, everything, grows, changes, and transforms from communication.

We have to be and deal with ourselves, firstly. And we must deal with and communicate with ourselves internally often, truthfully, and honestly, with love and kindness. Then, we must do the same for everyone and everything else. When we don’t communicate effectively with ourselves and others, we sabotage ourselves and others. We take the unnecessary risk of hurting ourselves and others.

It remains true though, that in making mistakes we learn from bad communication, but when we learn we must put that knowledge to use. We can not continue to ignore, misinterpret, and hide from communication. It is time to wake up and face the music. If we are going to move forward as individuals and as humanity, we need to learn and practice better communication.

Communication is often the main disconnect we have that ends up creating a domino affect of unnecessary events, feelings, and emotions that can be completely avoided if we simply take the time to communicate and to do it right. There is a certain realm in which to communicate and communicate effectively in many, different ways, just as there is there is a realm in which we should not communicate in non helpful ways. We must learn and know the difference and do our best to be as efficient, effective, honest, truthful, open-minded, caring and loving in our communication as a whole.