Being content with yourself is a journey. It takes constant energy and attention everyday. And it’s quite the feat. Being content, let alone realizing that you already are and have everything you need and letting that be, is a process.

Most of us have learned to beat ourselves up and make ourselves suffer more than necessary through the cycle of our parents and ancestors far back trying to make us in their image rather than just letting us be as we are and learn in our own time and ways as we go.  It is no one’s fault that that became the norm, we can only start with what we’re given after all, but it is on us if we realize the issue and do nothing to better it. A lot of us have come to open up and see the breaks and cracks within ourselves and lives and the way society works; it is now up to us to heal, do, and be better, for ourselves firstly and for future generations.

The important thing to remember is that this, this journey, is yours, it is for you. You owe no one. No one. Not your family, friends, peers, colleagues, boss, no one. This is life. This is the chance you have right now to live, to be, to explore, to experience. Since the industrial age began we’ve come to this space in which having a job and working ourselves to death for money to get by for the few in power is the way of life and the way of the world. Forget that. That is not life nor the purpose of life.

We have to know ourselves, our worth, what we do and do not deserve. We have to go back to the time of knowing and living our truths. We have to remember the true purpose of life, to live and experience, to love and be loved, to enjoy and savor. Long ago, we lived with the Earth and her creatures, we respected everyone and everything. We’ve never been societies definition of perfect, which does not matter anyway, at all, in any shape, form, or fashion; but we lived according to our personal flow and connected spiritually with each other, all given to us, and life as a whole. It is time we return.

In this day in time, we are experiencing something that has not been done in a long time, not in this way, and not to this degree. We are experiencing personal freedom, true unity, and genuine acceptance. It is alarming and foreign to many of the older generation, save the few who are and were awake the whole time or eventually became aware, though it is beginning to spread like wildfire. It is the balance of life. For too long has separatism, hatefulness, greed, and willful blindness run rampant. We are entering a new era of peace, unity, acceptance, care, kindness, goodness, justice, honesty, truthfulness, consciousness, self-awareness, self-care, self-acceptance, self-love, and pure joy.

The point is, begin your process. Begin and live your personal journey. Start and don’t stop for anything or anyone. When you make a mistake, acknowledge it, accept it, do your best to be and do better, and if you’ve hurt someone, apologize, mean it, and make a concerted effort to not make the same mistake. Do not beat yourself up, even if you do make the same mistake repeatedly and in general. It does no good and helps neither yourself or others to prolong and worsen your suffering. We all have to go through   trials and obstacles, we all have to hurt and feel pain because it is a part of life and contributes to making life the beautiful, insane experience that it is. It is necessary just like good times, simple times, and enjoyable times.

Repeat this as necessary: “I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences. I am not the content of my life, I am Life, I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness. I am the Now. I Am.”* I am not my body, other peoples expectations, other peoples wants, other peoples judgments or opinions. I am what, who, and how I choose to be. I am that I Am.

You are a beautiful, unique, special, incredible, wonderful being. You are not from this life, you are just visiting for a while. Enjoy your experience here. This is all temporary. Make the most of this moment. Show up and do your best, that is all that is required. You have to care and you have to try, continuously. Nothing is certain and you can not be given what you already have. Use your focus, will, power, grit, perseverance, and love to guide you. You are a free spirit that cannot be contained. You are a light that can never be dimmed by another. The only thing standing in your way is you. Find a way or make a way. Flow and grow. You are love, so be it.

*Quote from Eckhart Tolle

Graduations & Razorback Country

Howdy!! How are ya this fine day? Good I hope. I’d like to apologize for the week long hiatus, it was a spur if the moment thing. Honestly, I didn’t have a signal where I was and couldn’t post, so that resulted in the hiatus. But I’m back now. 😆

So! I was back in Razorback Country, aka Arkansas, this past weekend for my cousin’s high school graduation. It was great and I got to see a lot of my family that I haven’t seen in a while. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and fun. I love my family so freaking much! I am so blessed. And while in Razorback Country, I was able to snap a few before the journey home and I thought I’d share them with you. So here they are. Hope you like them! Have a marvelous day! Shaka & Stay Groovy my friend!!✌





Every Day Is Earth Day


repost from Essena O’niell via Instagram

Earth. So majestic, so beautiful.
She is as alive as we are.
She is peaceful and She is fierce.
She is calm and She is wild.
She is as vast and magnificent as any other planet in this solar system.
She is home, our home, and She is the only home we have.
Love her. Cherish her. Take care of her. Show her kindness. Be good to her. Treat her as well as you treat yourself. She provides everything that we have and need. She is as good to us as we are to her, and should we fail to give her the love she needs, she will do whatever it takes to eliminate the problem and regain her balance.
Love her as She loves you.
Every day is Earth Day.

Thoughtful Tuesday

Better Togther

We’ve got to do better.
Humanity needs to come together. We are losing each other, this world, and ourselves.

This madness may not ever end, but it needs to diminish, and quickly. We are losing bees and other important parts of our natural ecosystem, we are quickly using up finite resources, we are beating and tearing each other down.
This needs to stop.

Love your neighbor. Smile when you make eye contact with someone when you’re walking down the street. Wave at someone taking a jog on the sidewalk. Tell those close to you that you love them every day, as much as possible. Hug often, kiss your love every chance you get. Appreciate the people that work in whatever establishment you enter and respect their hard work. Do your job the right way, with a good attitude. Work hard, persevere, push yourself, push your fellow workman standing or sitting next to you. Have faith, don’t give up. Realize how blessed you are to be alive. Do what you can, when you can, however you can for others. Be generous and kind. Take others into consideration before you speak and do whatever it is you are thinking about saying or doing. Understand that, though your life is about living to the best of your ability and enjoying yourself, the world does not revolve around you. We are here together. We should help each other and help build each other up as we build ourselves. There is peace, harmony, happiness, and plenty in unity.

Take care of the Earth. It is our only home. We have nowhere else to go. Not doing your part to take care of our planet has consequences. Grave consequences. Mother Nature is unforgiving and there is not a place on this Earth that you can hide from her wrath. Be kind and gentle to the Earth. Build a flower garden. Plant a tree. Grow your own food. Volunteer to help pick up trash on the beach. Conserve and recycle. Put your trash in a trashcan. Volunteer to help endangered animals and animals in general. I’m sure you don’t leave your home messy and treat it any kind of way, so don’t treat the Earth, even bigger and more important, that way. This world is so beautiful, incredible, and has so much to offer. So help heal the world.

I work on doing these things myself. I know we can do better. Though there are those of us who are contributing to making this world and life better, we need need more people to help. When we’re all doing our part things can only get better. So let’s help each other. We are capable of so much more than this. We are so much better than this. Let’s do better. Let’s be better, together.