We Are The Remedy

“Where there is poison there is a remedy” – Mage (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword film)

I’ve used his quote before but it sits especially with me right now in this time because it is so true and absolutely vital that we each take this to heart. We are in a very important and incredible time in history and humanity.

The tide has turned and it is the dawn of a new era. A very different world than we’ve known in a long time, if not ever. And this quote speaks to this truth. There has been a long reign of poisoning that has gone on in the world, very long and very sickening. But that time is ending. We are entering into a new space and moment. A space and moment in which Love rules. It is a time of healing, a time of rediscovering, an unbecoming. This is the era of Returning.

There was a time in history where humanity was in tune. We were in tune with ourselves, we were in tune with nature, we were in tune with life. We celebrated living and savored he experience. We did not tie ourselves down with unnecessary worries, things, and work. We did what was vital to our well being, nothing more. We coexisted with our surroundings and made due with what we could make and create.

I love learning about that time in history. It was so pure and rich and vibrant with culture, and compassion, and appreciation for all that is light and good and a profound understanding of what is wrong and how to handle it. We are now returning to that. More people, now than ever, are accepting themselves, their truest, deepest, rawest, purest, most beautiful and natural self. People are more accepting of others and unbothered by the things that make us each unique. We are beginning to celebrate ourselves and one another again. We are beginning to take up for and support one another like never before.

It is truly a beautiful time to be alive. But as history goes, chaos precedes change, good and positive change. But do not be weary and do not fret. As long as each of us does our best and is lives in and through love, all will be well. Let not chaos control your heart, let love rule. Let Love be your guide.

The Answer

Other people are not our enemy. Hate, Fear, Negativity, Doubt, Seperation, and Ignorance are the names that our enemy goes by. We must not forget that these are the ones that destroy our relationships, with ourselves and others. These are the ones that make life more difficult than necessary. These are the ones that kill, steal, and destroy. It is these we must combat at all times. 

 People will always be subject to one of these. That is why we must equip ourselves with the means and knowledge to overcome and conquer them. It is through Kindness, Compassion, Unity, Understanding, Patience, Calm, Goodness, Light, Good Vibes, Good Energy, Empathy, Love, and Service that we become victorious over the enemy. We will lose battles, but we win the war. 

 We are the answer to our own problems. It is through each of us that we grow and better life and the world. It is through personal relationship that we grow and better life and the world. Do what you love, love yourself, love others, be grateful, be kind, do good, listen to yourself, listen to others, believe in yourself, believe in others. When we are connected and happy with ourselves our connection to all else grows and strengthens. 

All it takes in life is the courage and bravery to take the necessary risks to truly and genuinely live. To live for ourselves and do for ourselves which in turn benefits everyone and everything around us. When love is the focus and the way, we never lose. When all of our experiences become lessons that we grow through and from, we never lose. When peace, action, empathy, unity, understanding, and love lead, we all win. 

 Even those that subscribe and succumb to the hate, fear, negativity, doubt, separation, and ignorance will benefit from our love and our power because that’s what love does. It betters everyone and everything. When love abides there is always room and time for change. Real change. All it takes is you. Be ready and willing to actively work, continuously, on yourself and do what you love. 

 When we are each doing our part and moving forward together,  nothing and no one can stop us. Let us rise up, in Love, together. Let us move forward and grow, together. Let us usher in a new era of goodness, kindness, creativity, unity, compassion, empathy, understanding, and Love. We can do this. It has already begun. It’s never too late to choose Love. Choose Love, today and every day. 

For Love, For Light, For Goodness, I Rise.
For Hope, For Faith, For Kindness, I Rise.
I Give, I Receive. I Fight, I Fall. I Conquer, I Surrender.

In small things, in small ways, as in big things and big ways, I create change. I shape the life I lead, I blaze a trail for those yet to come. With a loving heart, open mind, free spirit, and unbreakable will I live, I do, I love.

                              – AJ



(repost from weheartit)

These words have stuck with me since hearing them years ago. There is so much good in this world, in this life. There is goodness in children, goodness in people, goodness in animals, goodness in nature, goodness in what we can be, goodness in who we are, goodness in the potential of everything. And it’s all worth it. It’s all worth fighting for. It’s worth all the energy in the world. The good is worth believing in. You are worth believing in. And you are worth fighting for. There is no rest for wicked, and there is no rest for those who fight against it.

  Life is a journey in which there are constant battles to be fought. The winning of the war though, comes down to one thing, how you choose to live your life. We each have two choices in life, give in or take charge. If you give in, you lose, you choose not to be and do all you can to enjoy and make the most of this experience. If you take charge you win the war, you control your destiny. There was a quote in an episode of a show called Arrow that struck a chord in me. “Living is not for the weak.” This is true, in nature and in the way of life for humanity. We have to be willing to live, we have to be willing to do what it takes to get what we want and need, we have to be willing to fight. We’ve got to get over ourselves and come together. We have to make things work. We have to deal with whatever is put in our path.

Things, life, this experience here on Earth, will not be a good one unless you decide to make it that way. There are uphill battles and downhill battles, lessons to learn, moments of weakness and tragedy, but we can make it through it all. No matter what life throws at us, we can come out of it alive and stronger. There’s this thing called balance. The balance of things means there’s bad and good, struggle and smooth sailing, happy and sad, injustice and justice, and so on. Situations are lessons and those lessons are also teachers, in how to be and do better. We simply have to make the choice to get through. We can do it. We can make it. “You have all the weapons you need. Now fight.”


“You have all the weapons you need. Now fight.”
           – Sucker Punch (2011 film)

We have been taught to hold our tongues and not say how we feel and what we think. That has gotten this world into some big trouble. It’s why we’re in as much trouble as we’re in now; because we’ve been taught to shut down and do nothing, no matter how we feel on a certain matter. Well it’s time to remedy that. If you feel strongly about a matter, such as racism, animal cruelty, sex trafficking, or whatever the issue is, show your concern. Say something about it, speak out against it. If you can help do something to make it better, do that, whether it be joining an organization that helps that cause, starting your own awareness campaign, or simply signing a petition. More people need to voice and show their concern.

At that point, you are a part of the problem. You say and do nothing and in the process harm yourself, as well as those directly affected, because you too stay controlled, shackled, held down, demeaned, and helpless. Fight for what you want! I have learned this personally, which is why I started this blog; to voice my concern, stand for what’s right, and give love.

The injustice and wrong doings that happen everyday can be stopped. We just need more people to join the fight. Stand up for what’s right, stand against those who wrong you and others. Whatever cause you take, do so with care, kindness, and love. Rise above and do great things.

We are one people, living in one world, and we all deserve the best. Let’s make things better, for the future generations as well as ourselves.