Things I Can’t Change

Mistakes I’ve made.
My failures and shortcomings.
Things I’ve destroyed.
Past situations.
People I’ve wronged and hurt.

A few of the major things we can not change in our lives. Truthfully, it’s not about changing these things; it’s about learning from them and using them to better ourselves and each other. The things we can’t change matter. They build us and teach us, they mold us and help us grow. They can be devastating, frustrating, infuriating, seemingly hopeless situations and circumstances, but that doesn’t have to stop us.

We must accept our downfalls, own up to them, know that it’s okay to be wrong, and apologize when we need to. There is no weakness or shame in being wrong and having to apologize. Being able to own up to and take responsibility for yourself and your actions, as well as being able to say you’re sorry, shows that you have strength, courage, and wisdom.

“Lie alone, it’s all you can do now and hear me drone about the things I can’t change.”  Part of the chorus from the song that inspired this piece. Sometimes we need to take time to be by ourselves and be sad, mad, disappointed, complain, cry, and let go of those negative things eating away at us. Do not fear the things you can not change. The only power they have over you is the power you give it. You are strong, brave, courageous, smart, and wise. Use those things that lie within you.

Accept the things you can not change.

~Inspired by one of my favorite songs called “Things I Can’t Change” by an amazing band called The Story So Far.


A man once wrote that “we learn so little from peace.” Only that’s not true.
From struggle and hardships, we learn the value of things and how to handle things; such as peace and harmony.
From things such as peace and harmony, we learn how to be and therefore enjoy life fully because of this.
They are both important, as they have equal responsibility in shaping and molding us into the individuals that we are and become.

One of the biggest parts of life is balance. Balance can be found and created, but it is not always easy to find and have. Though that within itself is balance, isn’t it?
Good things happen, bad things happen. We have our failures and our triumphs. We fall, we get back up. We’re down and out for a while, things aren’t going well, circumstances get worse, life is out of control. Then, suddenly, something good happens. Whether big or small, a miracle happens and things start to take a turn for the better. Everything falls into place and you get what you’ve been wanting and/or need. Oops, something crappy takes place. Again.

This is life. Everything happens for a reason. Whether we understand why, doesn’t matter. We are not meant to analyze and understand every little detail of life. We are meant to live and enjoy living. No one’s journey is the same. We may have the same or similar situations and circumstances, but we are all different. We are all unique in our differences. It is pointless to expect another human being to do, be, or think like you do. Why? Because you are you and they are who they are. We have no right to judge others, though we will because we are flawed beings; something we must accept. But judgement is a tool for us to learn from, like many other things in life.

Learn and discover yourself so that you find balance. Learn your shortcomings and your strengths. Learn from your mistakes and use your hardships and downfalls to build yourself amd make you better. Once you learn, help others so that they might learn too. We each have our own journey and we never truly know where someone is in their life and what they’re going through. So lend a helping hand when you can. Life is better when you find your balance.

Balance is attainable. You just have to find it and create it when you can.