The Answer

Other people are not our enemy. Hate, Fear, Negativity, Doubt, Seperation, and Ignorance are the names that our enemy goes by. We must not forget that these are the ones that destroy our relationships, with ourselves and others. These are the ones that make life more difficult than necessary. These are the ones that kill, steal, and destroy. It is these we must combat at all times. 

 People will always be subject to one of these. That is why we must equip ourselves with the means and knowledge to overcome and conquer them. It is through Kindness, Compassion, Unity, Understanding, Patience, Calm, Goodness, Light, Good Vibes, Good Energy, Empathy, Love, and Service that we become victorious over the enemy. We will lose battles, but we win the war. 

 We are the answer to our own problems. It is through each of us that we grow and better life and the world. It is through personal relationship that we grow and better life and the world. Do what you love, love yourself, love others, be grateful, be kind, do good, listen to yourself, listen to others, believe in yourself, believe in others. When we are connected and happy with ourselves our connection to all else grows and strengthens. 

All it takes in life is the courage and bravery to take the necessary risks to truly and genuinely live. To live for ourselves and do for ourselves which in turn benefits everyone and everything around us. When love is the focus and the way, we never lose. When all of our experiences become lessons that we grow through and from, we never lose. When peace, action, empathy, unity, understanding, and love lead, we all win. 

 Even those that subscribe and succumb to the hate, fear, negativity, doubt, separation, and ignorance will benefit from our love and our power because that’s what love does. It betters everyone and everything. When love abides there is always room and time for change. Real change. All it takes is you. Be ready and willing to actively work, continuously, on yourself and do what you love. 

 When we are each doing our part and moving forward together,  nothing and no one can stop us. Let us rise up, in Love, together. Let us move forward and grow, together. Let us usher in a new era of goodness, kindness, creativity, unity, compassion, empathy, understanding, and Love. We can do this. It has already begun. It’s never too late to choose Love. Choose Love, today and every day. 

The Link in the Equation

” – but our countries are counting on us to miss the link… they are painting the enemy foreign and selling the product domestic… so let this build your anger for the depletion of our oceans, but make sure your anger goes to the right recipient.”

– Madison Stewart (aka Shark Girl)


This is the truth and the key to taking back our power as the people. We have to realize, acknowledge, and accept the atrocities and the depth of the atrocities we and our governments create. We have to first realize that what is happening is wrong and then that we continue it and normalize it every single day by our continued participation. The power lies with us. 

 We are the ones who fuel our oppressors. We are the ones who do the work for them and make their wrong doings possible, through willful blindness and fearful compliance. We can no longer exist under these circumstances; especially when we do not have to. We are under no obligation to add to our own suffering. And the only way to change things is to take radical action. 

 People were made to be afraid of that word. It is a powerful one, because when we become radical, things get done, things change. We have to start putting our best interest first instead of the oppressors. Anger is a useful tool if applied in the right way and mindset. It can be used to fuel good, creative, universal change, which is much needed right now. 

 In life, there are very few requirements in the grand scheme of things, and the #1 requirement is that you show up. You have to show up, for yourself and others. You have to act and take things into your own hands. You make the difference between war and peace, justice and injustice, hope and despair, right and wrong. You are the link that creates the world around you.  

 Your inaction is just as vital, and more in some cases, as your action. Your choices truly do matter. You truly do matter. Your life and presence here in this world, at this moment in time make ALL the difference. You’ve got to be willing to take charge of your own life, see things as they are, and do what you can to be a positive and helpful force during your journey here.
“- the world does not need people who hope for change right now, it needs people who will fight for it.”   – Madison Stewart

Where I Stand

Let me go ahead and say this so you know where I stand.

 I am of African American heriatge and I am of Indigenous Nations heritage. Because I am of these my history is dark and gloomy, but it as bright and beautiful just the same. People tell me and those of my cultures not to talk about or remember our heritage because it intersects with another race (many of that race, not all, but many) that doesn’t like to be reminded of it’s heritage; though its interesting because Jewish people remember, talk about, and are even asked to relive the darkest time in their history. Why can’t I? My history spans more than 500 years. How and why must we be told to let go of and forget our history?

 The truth is, I can, I do, and I will remember and talk about my heritage and history. It is valid, important, and it matters. I will not forget my roots, I will not forget the people that I came from, I will not forget or let go of the struggles, trials, tribulations, obstacles, unfairness, injustice, and cruelty that encompasses my past; because there is also life, love, unbelievable strength, unbreakable will, endurance, hope, belief, faith, greatness, intelligence, beauty, badassery, and goodness that came with those dark times. I will not forget those who paved the way for me and my family to be where we are and do what we can and love today. I will not let go of the hurt, frustration, and pain that envelopes my past, because it is a large lesson that helps me and those I love in our present. I remember, and I will remember, I talk about, and I will talk about, I honor, and will continue to honor my ancestors. I will remember, I will talk about, and I will honor my heritage. I will never forget. I will always remember.

 We all matter, and when everyone starts to get the hint and actually start to treat each other that way that statement will be relevant. But for a very long time, and still to this day, not everyone is treated the same, not everyone is treated the way they should treated, not everyone is given what they desereve. Peoples of Indegenous Nations, Black people, Latin people, Asian people, poor people, middle class people, homeless people, mentally ill people, people with no job, people looking for a job, people with “lower end” jobs, people with jobs that are forced to do the work of 3+ people, immigrants, people’s of certain religion’s, the list goes on. It’s not only about saying you acknowledge, respect, and accept others, it’s about acting on that and actually acknowledging, respecting, accepting, and supporting others. You don’t need to agree with someone’s lifestyle or who they are to treat them like a decent human being and respect them as such. And that’s what this all comes down to. Live and let live, love and let love, acknowledge, respect, accept, support. The only time any of us should have a problem with someone else is when that someone, or group of people, is infringing upon or harming us or another. This is not how we are living, not on a mass scale anyway (because there are other people like me who believe this same thing. There just havent been enough of us that think and believe this way to make this the norm), and this is the problem.

 People complain about those like me who speak up when something is wrong, unfair, unjust. People whine when people like me speak up about something that we can control and make better, instead of being a part of the solution and the move forward towards a better life and world for all. People make excuses, deflect from the point, completely miss the point, and turn things and situations into what they are not to make things about themselves and demonize others. People don’t treat others the way they should be treated, people don’t love others the way they deserve to be loved, people ignore others and their hardships, people sit by and watch silently as others are wronged and hurt. People support hatred and succumb to willful ignorance, and fear, and blindness, and try to make those who suffer and/or are oppressed “the bad guy”. Then you have people who are a part of those mistreated, wronged, and hurt groups who do not suffer directly and buy into the lies, hate, fear, and cruelty of those who are above and against them. People say one thing and live another.

 We have every right and reason to stand with and for one another. But that’s not the way it’s been, and that’s the problem. There are people who are too blind and willfully ignorant to truth to see this and understand it. I call upon my fellow human beings to use your intelligence, your empathy, your compassion, your heart, your spirit to see and deal with things as they are and do what you can, where you can, how you can to make life better for all. If you do your part, I can listen to you and work with you. If you don’t, you have nothing to say to me and nothing to do with me. I believe in change, I believe that people can change, and I hope that people do change for the better. But if you are not interested in making life better, loving people, doing right by your fellow man, living your life to the fullest without infringing upon another, learning, growing, and moving forward, we are not going to be friends and I will not sit by silently and idly and let you infringe upon another. I will not tolerate prejudice, hatred, injustice, greed, or any type of unnecessary negativity toward myself or others. 

 I am here, I have a voice, I have an able body, and I will do all in my power to shine my light, be good, do good, and love myself and my fellow living beings. I stand for, fight for, and believe in peace, justice, equality, understanding, learning, growth, life, light, goodness, and love; and I will defend them at all costs. I will not be silent and I will not do nothing when my family is in need. Humanity is my family, animals are my family, nature (the earth, the sky, the stars, the universe) is my family. You threaten them, you threaten me, and I do not take kindly to threats or promises of hatred. You are either for love and life or against them. There is no in between. It is your choice, and when you let me know where you stand, I will believe you and act accordingly.

You Choose… The Silent Majority 

“For evil to triumph, it only takes good men… to do nothing.”

              – Nate Foster (character from upcoming movie ‘Imperium’ starring Daniel Radcliffe, based on real events)

(Repost from Tumblr)

This is how we have come to live in the increasingly negative society we have today. For too long have good people sat back, said nothing, and done nothing. For too long have good people hidden in the shadows and disappeared into the background making way for slavery, racism, sexism, ageism, classism, seperatism as a whole, and all manner of injustice to live on in the great capacity that it has today. As it relates to the things we can control, the silent majority has let it come to this. Not blame, simply truth. 

 The silent majority (good people) have to make a decision. You have to choose whether this society is the place you and your children want to live in and deal with or not. You have to decide if it’s okay to let extreme, greedy, uncaring, judgmental, hateful, cruel, mean-spirited, close-minded people run society. Choose now. Your life, your families lives, your friends lives, the lives of every person in your country, the lives of everyone in the world depends on it. It is the result of every single one of us being connected. Your decision affects billions of other lives, directly and indirectly. You are either for love or against it, for life or against it, for peace or against, for truth or against it, for justice of against it. There is no in between, there is no middle ground, there is no uncertainty. Indecision is a decision; it’s a decision against. You have to make up your mind.

 “If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.” This. Is. Truth. When you say and do nothing, you put your life in the hands of those who do say something and do something, whether it is in your best interest or not. Stand for something. Speak up. Do something. Support. This is what we must do to live, and be able to live as we wish, freely. Do what’s right. Stand for what’s right. Speak up for what’s right. We can all be different and coexist. It is 100% possible and can absolutely be done without anyone infringing on another in any way. We simply have to make it that way. There will always be opposition to light, and goodness, and love, and what’s right, as there will always be opposition to hate, and cruelty, and close-mindedness, and injustice. It’s called balance. But for a long time we have been very, very, very unbalanced. Let’s set it right. Let’s make things right.

 You are a part of this world. Therefore you have a say in it, what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable, what will and won’t be tolerated, what will and won’t fly, how people, animals, the Earth can and can’t be treated. You have a voice, an important voice, and it matters; now more than ever. Use it. Use your voice, your heart, your mind, your imagination, your body, your spirit, your compassion, your empathy, your love to do, and live, and be, and help (yourself, others, the world), and better (yourself, others, the world). You are a divine being experiencing this life and you make it what it is for yourself and have a hand in how it is and can be for others as well. Our lives are in our own hands. Take charge.

 Your decision.

Community & Communication

There is a great lack in communication amongst us as a people, as the human race. There is so much going on, more than there has been for a long time in our history. There are more people, more issues, more problems, and more things to figure out in the world. If we are to make things better for ourselves we have to wake up and do better. This life is not just about us individually, it is about doing what we can for others along the way on our journey as well.

Communicate. Communicate honestly, truthfully, all the time with yourself firstly. Be real in looking at yourself, your habits, what you do, your mistakes and always do your best to be and do better. Then communicate honestly, truthfully, all the time with others. Life is simpler and better when you don’t lie, hide, or hold things back from others, especially those dear to you. When we see clearly about ourselves we can see clearer about everything else around us. And most of the things around us at this point in time are not good at all.

There is so much greed, hatred, willful ignorance, and blatant blindness happening in extreme amounts around the world about countless things from climate, to media, to injustice against humans and other living beings as well. We have to see what’s going on, accept it, and then do something about it. We can no longer afford to sit around and wait for “someone else” to make things better. No one else is going to save us or make things better. The fate of the future of humanity is in our hands, right now. Now is the time to speak, write, draw, play your instrument, sing, protest, plant, do and create in whatever medium(s) it is that speak to your heart, is your passion(s), and sparks the fire inside of you.

We must communicate, when we communicate we come together, and when we come together we become a community. We are all connected, humanity, this world, this universe, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Ackowledge that connection and embrace it. There are so many beautiful things waiting to happen, we simply have to learn to communicate. Communication is key. Communicate honestly, truthfully, all the time and you communicate effectively. Effective communication leads to positive, helpful outcomes, which we are in dire need of. So go change the world for the better. Love yourself, love others, live and let live, be kind, be honest, connect, have fun, always do what’s right, and be free.

We are One.

– AJ