Pain is necessary, suffering is not

Pursue your passions, accept your struggle. Let your pain shape you, and love transform you.” 

         – Mirtha Michelle, Castro Mármol

Pain is a tool to be used and learned from. It is meant to help us. It assists in our growth, which makes it an important factor in life. We just need to remember this, and pain itself, as well as letting go after the experience, won’t be an issue. 

Suffering, on the other hand, is neither necessary or useful. Suffering begets extra negativity that we do not need. It is what causes us to hold on. Holding onto things, emotions, ideas, and people we do not need and that do not serve us is unnecessary. We do not have to suffer. Suffering is a self-inflicted mechanism that we have 100% control over.

Accept what you can not change, and learn to change what you can. Always be on the learning curve. Pain is your ally. 

Feel and let go. Attach yourself to nothing except Love. 

What I Learned About Love From My Stellar Parents

People are constantly saying how love is hard and it’s work. Love is easy. People is where the hard part is. People are a piece of work. Loving someone is as easy as breathing, but allowing those you love, especially in a relationship, the chance and room to grow is where a lot of people fail.

My parents and grandparents, on both sides of my family, have been married for a very long time. My parents told my sister and I that the keys to a long lasting and happy relationship are growth, acceptance, and patience. You have to allow yourself and your significant other room to grow. You have to accept the fact that you and your significant other are going to change. So change together. It will not always be an easy transformation and you two can be on two completely different levels, but that’s where the patience comes in. You have to be patient with yourself and your loved one. You’ve got to have space and time to yourself to get yourself together and you need to spend time with your loved one and get to know them better as they grow.

Time comes with lessons learned and experience out the wazoo. So it’s almost like getting to know that person all over again, accept there are still a number of things you already know about that person. Plus it’s great cause they can give you some advice and knowledge that you may need to help you on your journey. So I guess the main thing is to be open. Be open-minded and ready to share a long and winding journey with the person you love like no other.

This is only what I’ve learned from watching my parents, not to mention the many other couples in my family who have also been together for fifteen plus years. I’m so blessed to know and be surrounded by so many beautiful and happily committed people. It’s really been a pleasure and an honor to have parents that truly love each other and who’ve gone through so much, individually and as a couple. They have had major highs and some very deep lows, and as hard as it’s been to watch, it’s also been a blessing, because I can say that I know real, true love. And unfortunately, a lot of people can’t say that this day in time. I hope that more people will soon. A love like theirs is what I’m waiting and longing for. I hope to find it soon *fingers crossed*.

All-in-all, love is easy, so love truly, deeply, with everything you’ve got, and with an open heart.