Positive Affirmation/Manifestation

Gratitude – Enjoy :

Be grateful for where you are, who you are, what you have and enjoy what you can where you are how you can.

Visualize – Gratitude :

See what you want, feel it, hear it, taste it, believe it. As you visualize your life be grateful for it, be grateful for the life that you want as if you already have it.

Actualize – Enjoy :

Do the work to create the life that you want. Take action and put in the effort. While you’re at it, enjoy the process. Have fun where you are and take pride in your work and effort.

Gratitude – Repeat :

Gratitude is the most important part other than taking action. Gratitude is what guides our blessings to us, what keeps us going, keeps us honest, keeps us grounded, and brings good energy and vibes to us. Always be grateful.


Be careful of what you think, say, and do; you just might get what you wish for. There’s good consequences and bad consequences to everything we do. It’s best to aim for good consequences, but either way, you should learn from them. If you put enough of your will and energy into thinking, doing, or saying something, it will happen. If you continuously say that you are a good student, put your energy and will into thinking good thoughts about being a good student, and put the work in to become a good student, BAM! You’re a good student. If you continuously say that you are stupid and you can’t learn anything, and put your will and energy into thinking negative thoughts about being stupid and not having the capacity to learn, you won’t learn anything. This is why you want to watch what you think, say, and do. We have the power to manifest all that we want and need. Do so with care.