Bits of Wisdom

• Books, audio, videos of things that move you forward, lift, inspire, and motivate you in life and in your passions.

• Dominate your field

• “Let go of your mistakes and do better next time.” – Joel Olsteen

• Think like the person you want to be, act like the person that you want to be, feel like the person you want to be.

• Respect your nature, know your nature

• Master consistency, master your daily routines

• Success = quiet, little actions with love

• Make a choice to do it (live and do the tasks that you need to do)

• Small and steady wins the race

• Kill your procrastination

• Put in the work

• “Feed your hunger to learn, grow, and love.” – Tony Robbins

• You’re either willing to do what it takes or you aren’t. – say: I am. I am willing. I am willing to go the extra mile and to push through, no matter what.

• When you get better, life gets better.

• The fruit of everything good in life begins with a challenge

Monday Motivation

“I’ll fight for my future long before I hope for it.” – Madison Stewart

Take your life into your own hands. Do for yourself. Make a way or create a way if you can’t find one. You will never have what you don’t work for. It is work living. But never forget that it’s all worth it. You create the life you want. You are who you decide to be. You go where you choose to go. The power of controlling your path lies within you. Utilize it. While you wait and hope for what you want you’re letting others have control of you. Don’t give it to them. You have to be active in living your life and doing and being as you wish. When it comes to people and the way they treat you, only what you allow will happen. What you accept will determine your reality. Fight for your right to be here and shine. You deserve to be here, use your voice, give your best, be your best, and to have the best.

“Do you. Be You. For You.”

Motivational Monday


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Life is now. This moment is the most important. Let others choose not to make the most of it, but not you. Be happy, learn, grow, share, be good, do what’s right, follow your dreams, don’t give up, have faith, push yourself, know your limits, have standards, believe in yourself, let go of what life takes. Live. Be. Don’t stop. Take advantage of all you’ve been given. Do your best, be your best.

I heard this amazing quote in a truly wonderful and beautiful speech given by an incredible young man.  Give it a look and listen to his wise words.

A Senior Who Just Found Out He Has Cancer Gave An Incredible Sp…

Motivational Monday


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This is so relevant, especially at this time in history when technology is used to  draw a very distinct and powerful line in quite a few areas, mainly communication between people. This truth is really something to remember and put in to practice. It is so easy to get caught up in ourselves and forget about everything outside of us, but we have to remember that we are all going through life. Everybody is dealing with something, going through something, facing something, and we have to be mindful and considerate of each other. Be mindful of your fellow man and be kind.

Motivational Monday


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I am going through and learning this lesson now. My parents and I had a talk about having a goal and moving, not sitting still and waiting for something to happen, but doing something, anything that will in some way help you to move forward and toward whatever it is that you love and want to do. I have been stuck and lost lately, mostly just unsure. Unsure of how to start and the exact steps that I should take to get to where I want to be. The weird and ironic thing, is that at the beginning of this year I had a conversation with some other close family about this very topic. I didn’t remember until it came up again today. Life is so unpredictable, and we have everything that we want and need at our fingertips, and still, we are at the mercy of many forces greater than us. We just have to live and do our best and learn as we go. We just have to keep moving and never give up. Life is a process and a learning experience. Learn as you go and focus on the now. Plan and have goals but always keep in mind that this moment is what matters the most, because our time is limited. Well said Mr. Thomas. Well said.