Monday Motivation

“I’ll fight for my future long before I hope for it.” – Madison Stewart

Take your life into your own hands. Do for yourself. Make a way or create a way if you can’t find one. You will never have what you don’t work for. It is work living. But never forget that it’s all worth it. You create the life you want. You are who you decide to be. You go where you choose to go. The power of controlling your path lies within you. Utilize it. While you wait and hope for what you want you’re letting others have control of you. Don’t give it to them. You have to be active in living your life and doing and being as you wish. When it comes to people and the way they treat you, only what you allow will happen. What you accept will determine your reality. Fight for your right to be here and shine. You deserve to be here, use your voice, give your best, be your best, and to have the best.

“Do you. Be You. For You.”

The Only Way is Through

I say a lot of the same things all the time. Sometimes in different ways and sometimes I just straight up repeat myself reapeatedly. That’s because the basis of life and love are simple, true, and unchanging. Progress, moving forward, doing your best, those are the bases. These are the foundation of everything. Try, do, do your best, aim to get and be better, experience, enjoy, learn. That’s it. The simplicity of acting out these things is not the focus, it’s just plain acting them out to the best of your ability. You get hurt, you feel pain, you get distracted, you lose your way, you fall, you get up, you keep going, you keep moving, you keep trying. That is all. It is no matter of taking something as positive or negative because at the end of the day, shit happens, whether you take it as good or bad, it happens, it all happens. You take what you receive and live moment to moment to the best of your ability. This is life, the only way through it, is to go through it. Make the best that you can of it. Simply put. We get hung up on certain things at certain points at different times, so we work through it. We have to go through it to get through it. I’m starting to say it to myself enough times that it’s finally starting to sink in and I’m finally starting to grasp it. Life is experiencing, learning, growing, enjoying, and moving forward.

 Get through it. Try. Keep trying. Live. Love. How you handle what happens to you determines how your next step goes. Do your best. That’s all.