Aloha Friday!!

Aloha Kakahiaka!!! It’s Friday and what a great day it is going to be. Mahalo for being you!!


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Have an awesome day and super gnarly weekend!! Shaka and Stay Groovy!!! 😆💛✌

Here’s todays good vibage!!! Enjoy!!!

Song: One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands! Jared, Tomo, and Shannon are three of the most talented, creative, inspiring, honest, all-around awesome dudes; plus they’re total BABES!! 😍😍😍

Video: Here’s some inspiration. Get after whatever it is that you want. You have everything you need. Go get it!

Aloha Friday!!

Aloha Kakahiaka my friends!!!! It is finally nice and sunny again here in good ole Texas and this girl *points to myself* is extremely happy about it. I like rainy days, but I can only handle so many in a row and I’m not very fond of life threatening storms, so I’m suuuper glad all that bad weather has passed! Wooooo!!
Anyhoo, it’s Friday, the start of the weekend and I’m getting some good vibes for this month. Personally, the last month has been a beautiful journey in self-discovery and discovery of the world. I’ve been in this really hippy-like, chill-vibes state of late and it’s hella rad let me tell ya. It’s nice to feel good and not let little trivial things and the many problems of the world trounce my happiness. It’s about focusing on the good and improving on the bad. Not to say that I haven’t had setbacks, I mean I’m getting my shit together and that is never an easy downhill ride. It’s up and down but I guess that’s also part of the beauty of the journey. Anyhow, I hope that you have a fun and relaxing weekend!!! Love ya!! Shaka & Stay Groovy!! 😆💜✌

Here are today’s good vibes!!!

Song: There are a few tunes I can’t stop listening too. This is one of them. I just recently started listening to Zella Day and now, well, I think it’s safe to say she has a new fan.

Zella Day – No Sleep to Dream (OFFICIAL VIDEO):

Video: Self-acceptance and self-love are two very relevant and incredibly important topics of discussion of late and I’m very happy about it. Ashley Graham is one of my favorite people and models on the forefront of this new self-acceptance and self-love movement in the fashion industry. It’s important for men and women to know that there are stupid expectations put on us all and that the important thing, at the end of the day, is the we accept and love ourselves.

Plus-size? More Like My Size | Ashley Graham | TE…:

Musical Motivation Monday & Announcement

This gorgeous heart, soul, and human being is a major inspiration to me. Her grace, soulfulness, and artistic genius is absolutely incredible. I must warn you, this beautiful young woman has one of the most angelic voices you’ve ever heard. Also, I’m super siked to see the movie in which this song is featured called The Giver. Enjoy my friend!

Tori Kelly – ‘Silent’ from The Giver movie soundt…:

On another note, I will be on a creative hiatus for a while. My head is buzzing and it’s a personally special and important time in my life right now so besides a sporadic post here and there, I will be off working. In the meantime, be happy, have fun, shaka, smile and laugh lots, learn lots, help others, and enjoy your life. I leave you with this nugget of greatness from one of my favorite actors.


                  All My Love To You

Lyrics of the day

“Light a fire a fire a spark
Light a fire flame in my heart
We’ll run wild
We’ll be glowing in the dark.”

Song: Charlie Brown by Coldplay

There is something inside you that is so beautifully bright; a spark in you that wants to be turned to flames. There is a need to be wild and free. Ignite that spark. Your glow will shine through the darkness and there is nothing you can’t do when you let your light burn bright.

Musical Motivation Monday

Here’s one of my all time favorite songs by one of my all time favorite bands that inspires me when I’m feeling a bit down and need a pick-me-up, and when I’m feeling really giddy and just plain ole happy. This is just a really amazing, feel good song!

Hope you Enjoy!

Coldplay – Charlie Brown: