Consciously Choose

Consciously choose your words.

Consciously choose your thoughts.

Consciously choose your actions.

Consciously choose your beliefs.

Consciously choose your attitude.

Consciously be aware of and work to control your emotions and reactions.

All of these create your life. Consciously create your life.

Be consistent in this practice.

Wake with blessings and gratitude. Affirm your life.

Do everything that is in your best interest at all times. – AJ

Soul Journey

A personal note.

The personal journey is a messy roller coaster that is ever changing. Its hard and it’s crazy, and it can be overwhelming. At the same time, that is also what makes the growth so worth it. That feeling of knowing what you came through, what you survived, and what you overcame to get where you are. That is a beautiful feeling. I’m trying to remember that.

Growth is a gift and so is everything that comes with it. I enjoy the highs and am so grateful for the beauty that is Life in all its infinite, wondrous glory. I am just as grateful for the lows. They aren’t fun while you’re there but they really do so much for us in helping to make this life what it is. That sense of fulfillment through self-care and self-love is truly indescribable. And even more potent when you realize that it was you who made it through. You had help from great guides, teachers, and influences along the way, but it was you who did the work and came out victorious.

I’m going through a phase of self-discovery and the Universe is testing me to see what I’m  really made of. Boy do I have some work to do. But all I can think right now is to be grateful. When you see life that way it really does help and make whatever situation you’re in better. Being in a constant state of gratefulness brings forth the concrete strength that lies within you. You have to work at it and it is a huge trail, but it is vital not to give in.

It is also imperative to make sure, especially this day in time when there is so much out there to absorb, to have positive, kind, goodhearted, humble guides, teachers, and inspirations to look up to and learn from. They are key to your journey. We are in full control of what we give attention to and the energy that we absorb through social media (a great perk!). Use that wisely. You don’t have to absorb bad energy and negativity. It’s always going to be there but you NEVER have to give power to it.

Stay focused on you and your journey. Do everything you can to stay within yourself and not get caught up with things that stifle, and hinder you. Feel what you feel, let whatever comes come, and let go of whatever needs to be released. We all have the innate senses to know what we need and don’t need. Be smart and work smart, not hard. Grind but do not wear yourself out. And whenever you find yourself out of alignment, acknowledge it and come back to your core.

The Source lies within you. Your Source is in your core, it is your core. Remember. Come back to your core, your center. There you will find all you need. In your core lies all the answers. In your core lies your connection to all, to everything within and outside of you. That connection is Life. That is who and what you truly are. You are the Sun, the Moon, the Stars. You are a Milky Way, a Galaxy, the Universe. Your body is temporary but You are Infinite. You everything, everywhere, and everlasting.  Remember. Love. Love yourself, love others, enjoy the journey.


I’ve tried, God knows I’ve tried, many times to explain how I feel when I look at the sky, the clouds, the moon, the stars, the ocean, the life that moves all around me, the love. I was going to try to explain it again…. but…. I simply can’t.

There are no words. None. The only thing that I can think of that shows the love, life, and appreciation I feel when I realize that I’m alive and the gravity of all that is around me is the feeling that surges through me and takes a hold of all that I am, mind, body, spirit, and soul. And I can’t even explain that to you either. It’s  just like….. ahhhhhhh. A sigh. A breathe.
I can’t tell in words how I feel when I realize the gravity of this life. But I can tell you that I love it. I love life, I love the universe, I love this planet, I love every part that makes this world beautiful and unique, and most of all, I love all of you.

Life would be nothing without someone to share it with; and we all have each other. What a blessing. What a gift.

Thoughts of the Day

I think:

Sometimes Love is simply acceptance and trying. You can love someone, know how they are and accept them, but they won’t do the same for you. You can try and attempt to understand someone, but they choose not to do the same for you.

You can love someone and not be in their life.
It’s not for lack of trying on your part, it’s just that you deserve to be who you are and do what you do and not be hindered by anyone, blood or not.

Love tries and accepts who you are and does not hinder or try to stop you from being you; and if there is someone or people in your life, blood or not, who choose not to truly love you, then let them go.
Not because of hate but because of love. You let go of them because you love them, you love them enough to let them be themselves. You just remove yourself from the general equation. You should not have to pretend, be someone else, and act like something you’re not just to keep the peace. It’s draining, tiring, and you don’t deserve that. Yes, sometimes you have to put up with crap, but you never have to put up with unnecessary crap that brings you down, no matter who it comes from. Still, be there for them when they need you.

Those who truly love you allow you to be you and live your life without holding you back. We all have our differences, but differences do not mean that we can’t love each other anyway. We can. It just takes mutual respect and understanding.

Accept the differences, Love anyway.