Love: A Verb and A Being

EVOLution. REVOLution. sOLUTION.

 There is a reason that these words are framed this way.

 Love is a verb. Love is action. Love is what you do. And love is a being. It is a literal, physical form.

 It is you. It is me. It is US. WE Are Love. We are the force that saves us. We are the force that creates, destroys, and makes change. We are ever evolving.

 Borders do not exist, they were created. Races do not exist, they were created. Class does not exist, it was created. Separation is not the answer, unity is. Being involved with life is the answer. Caring about yourself and others is the answer. 

 Show up, do your best, and always come back to Love. Come home to yourself. 


Step Up

“Don’t talk, ACT. Don’t say, SHOW. Don’t promise, PROVE.” 

                            – Halle Berry
I’ve used this quote before but it is more relevant and necessary now more than ever. It is absolutely vital that each of us does our part to be a part of our global community. We, as humanity, need to unite and actively work to better ourselves, life, and the world. We must be a part of leaving this world a better place than we found it. 

Take What You Need

Wanted to share a few of my favorite quotes and bits of inspiration. Take what wisdom you need.
“So things go.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

“What is the use of living if it be not to strive for noble causes and make this world a better place.” – Winston Churchill

“The paradox, by trying to kill the human spirit the answer of the human spirit is to revenge with beauty.” – Osvaldo Golijov

“The arts is more about opening up yourself to possibility. Possibility links to hope. We all need hope.” – The Silk Road Ensemble documentary film

“Until we say so nothing will move.” – Gorillaz ft Benjamin Clementine “Hallelujah Money’ song

“Things are still beautiful even if they aren’t how you want them to be.” – Willow Smith

“The world doesn’t need people who hope for change right now, it needs people who will to fight for it.” – Madison Stewart

“I’ll fight for my future long before I hope for it.” – Madison Stewart

“Numbers help, but strength is in Unity.” – AJ

“Fight. Stand your ground. Defend your own.” – AJ

“Do what you love, do it every day.”

“Never lose your curiosity.”

“Bust your ass, pay attention, fall in love.” – Jerry Seinfeld 

“Life is action.” – Jerry Seinfeld

“God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror, on the other side of your maximum fear, are all of the best thing in life.” – Will Smith

“Be your own anchor.” – Melissa (Teen Wolf)

“Potential is always bigger than the problem.” – Michael Beckwith

“You can’t have what you’re not willing to become vibrationally.” – Michael Beckwith

The Answer

Other people are not our enemy. Hate, Fear, Negativity, Doubt, Seperation, and Ignorance are the names that our enemy goes by. We must not forget that these are the ones that destroy our relationships, with ourselves and others. These are the ones that make life more difficult than necessary. These are the ones that kill, steal, and destroy. It is these we must combat at all times. 

 People will always be subject to one of these. That is why we must equip ourselves with the means and knowledge to overcome and conquer them. It is through Kindness, Compassion, Unity, Understanding, Patience, Calm, Goodness, Light, Good Vibes, Good Energy, Empathy, Love, and Service that we become victorious over the enemy. We will lose battles, but we win the war. 

 We are the answer to our own problems. It is through each of us that we grow and better life and the world. It is through personal relationship that we grow and better life and the world. Do what you love, love yourself, love others, be grateful, be kind, do good, listen to yourself, listen to others, believe in yourself, believe in others. When we are connected and happy with ourselves our connection to all else grows and strengthens. 

All it takes in life is the courage and bravery to take the necessary risks to truly and genuinely live. To live for ourselves and do for ourselves which in turn benefits everyone and everything around us. When love is the focus and the way, we never lose. When all of our experiences become lessons that we grow through and from, we never lose. When peace, action, empathy, unity, understanding, and love lead, we all win. 

 Even those that subscribe and succumb to the hate, fear, negativity, doubt, separation, and ignorance will benefit from our love and our power because that’s what love does. It betters everyone and everything. When love abides there is always room and time for change. Real change. All it takes is you. Be ready and willing to actively work, continuously, on yourself and do what you love. 

 When we are each doing our part and moving forward together,  nothing and no one can stop us. Let us rise up, in Love, together. Let us move forward and grow, together. Let us usher in a new era of goodness, kindness, creativity, unity, compassion, empathy, understanding, and Love. We can do this. It has already begun. It’s never too late to choose Love. Choose Love, today and every day. 

Life Lesson

Dealing with your own pain is hard enough, but dealing with that of someone else, especially someone you care for and love deeply, is a whole other thing all together. 

You can’t fight someone in their struggle, let alone about their struggle. They have to heal in their own way, in their own time. All you can do is be present for them, patient, understanding, honest, truthful, supportive, and loving. It’s not a walk in the park. Seeing another suffer is one of the absolute worst things that we have to deal with as humans. But it happens. And we have to be there for people in their struggle. They have to deal and we need to be there for them. Because though their struggle affects us, it’s not about us, it’s about them. Remember that. We all have to learn. 

Radiate Love Challenge #2

My challenge for you today, is to write and distribute a kind letter.

Step 1: Plan 5 to 10 minutes in your day to sit down, grab a pen, marker, or pencil, a piece of paper of any kind, and write a letter. It can be short or long, your choice. Write words of encouragement, motivation, let that person know they’re not alone, or even write a simple “I love you”. Write whatever positive, kind, caring, loving words that come to your mind.

Step 2: Give it to someone, a stranger you pass on the street, a homeless person, a friend, a family member, a person you admire, whoever you choose. You can be fancy and put it in a nice envelope with some stickers and nice little doodles on it, or you can just give the letter to the person. Do it however you wish to.

Step 3: Feel great about giving love and light to someone else. Enjoy that feeling of kindness and just doing something good.

A letter is something small, but it’s the little things in life that make the biggest impacts and greatest differences. You never know how your words will affect someone else. You can brighten someone’s day or even save a life. Radiate Love, however and whenever you can.
Namasté 😄💛✌🙏

Radiate Love Challenge

This is a challenge that I want to become a consistent part of our lives. Every day isn’t going to be a great one or even a good one, but not every one is going to have a bad day at the same time. Therefore, by making this challenge a regular activity, we can spread happiness, light, positivity, kindness, and goodness to those around us.

The greatest thing that we each can do for ourselves and others, is radiate Love. Love is something that when harboured must be shared. It shines through you and immediately spreads to those around you. And this day in time, some good ole lovin is greatly needed. So today I challenge you to spread the love. Do something kind for someone today.

Here are a few ideas:
•Tell every person in your household that you truly love and appreciate them
•Smile at someone you’re passing by on your way to your destination
•Buy a flower for a random stranger
•Give away an old game or toy to a little kid that you know or may see with their family
•Buy your friend some coffee on a day out with them or on a random visit to see them
•Write a kind letter to someone you are greatful to or for and give it to them
•Pay for the meal of the person in front of or behind you in line at a fast food joint or restaurant or grocery store
•If you see a person who has something on that you like, say “hey, I like *insert whatever you like here*, you look nice/that looks great on you”.
•High five a stranger walking by
•Tell someone that you love them
•Volunteer to help conserve the planet or at a shelter
•If you’re concerned about someone you care about, sit down with them and let them know
•Call (or text of you can’t call) someone you love or care about who you haven’t talked to in a while and let them know you were thinking about them
•Write some positive, nice, kind, inspiring messages on sticky notes and post them around your room, house, at your school, at your job, on a vending machine
•Hold the door open for someone behind you coming in or someone coming out of a building
• Buy your significant other some of their favorite food and enjoy a nice meal with them
•Have a family night with games and a movie
•Pay attention to how your sibling is behaving and love on em, no matter how they’re feeling, let them know you’re there for them and you care about them
•On a beautiful day, get your family in the kitchen and everyone make their favorite dish and go on a family picnic
•Give someone a hug

You never know what someone is going through and one small act of kindness and love can change someone’s life, and maybe even save a life. Spread the Love in whatever form you wish to. The world needs your love, so share it.

          Radiate Love :)💛✌👫🌏