Life Lesson

Dealing with your own pain is hard enough, but dealing with that of someone else, especially someone you care for and love deeply, is a whole other thing all together. 

You can’t fight someone in their struggle, let alone about their struggle. They have to heal in their own way, in their own time. All you can do is be present for them, patient, understanding, honest, truthful, supportive, and loving. It’s not a walk in the park. Seeing another suffer is one of the absolute worst things that we have to deal with as humans. But it happens. And we have to be there for people in their struggle. They have to deal and we need to be there for them. Because though their struggle affects us, it’s not about us, it’s about them. Remember that. We all have to learn. 

Truth: Jesse Williams

I fully support and agree with Jesse Williams’ speech. This post is in regard to people “opposing” the truths of what he said.

As it relates to Race & Culture and the hardships and negativity that POC (person/people of color, i.e. anyone who’s not white) have, there are 4 truths:

1) If you live in America and are a POC, your race/culture has had to deal with oppression, discrimination, rasicm, classism, and negativity on some level.

2) We (POC) suffer in different ways, to different degrees. Yes, we have suffered in some of the same ways and that is something that we have that connects us in a very potent and unfortunate way. Yet it remains true that not all suffering is the same. It does not take away from, demean, or dismiss the suffering of others, it’s just a truth that there are different degrees to it, as there are many things in life.

3) Someone acknowledging the hardships of their own race/culture does not take away from, demean, forget, or dismiss the hardships of other POC. People can only come from their own point of view. We can at the very least try to understand, if we don’t already identify with, the same issues or other issues other POC have endured.
-And as it pertains to speaking for other POC and their hardships, I don’t expect Latin or Asian people to know any or all of the hardships of people of African and Indegenous culture nor should I, just as I can’t and don’t know all of their hardships and the way they experience their hardships. It’s not okay to expect that. It’s unnecessary to expect that. That’s not something we should have to identify with in the first place nor is it anything to be proud of to share such terrifying and horrible treatmemt.

4) The more melanin (aka the darker) your skin tone, the worse, more neglected, more unrepresented, and more ignored you are.
-And as it pertains to Indegenous Nations (of pre-America and pre-Australia as main, big examples), the worse your history is with white people invading your land the more hidden, ignored, and forgotten you are.

These are simple, verifiable facts. And as it stands, we each should be a part of and acknowledgement our own personal race/culture and embrace it, as well as be aware of and support our fellow POC who face the same and different forms of negativity. It takes knowing yourself and then coming together with others to move forward and better this life and this world.

I am of African American, Blackfoot Nation, and Cherokee Nation descent from both my mother and father, as well as Crèole and Irish descent. So I know very much about hardships and negativity towards people of color.

The truth is, our race and culture are a part of who we are, they do not define us, but they are huge parts of who we are as individuals. We could easily have been born any other race, no one chooses what race they will be, or what culture they’ll be born into either. But it is still something to be acknowleged and respected, because we are all people who are different, beautiful, special, and unique. So it’s not teaching kids and people to “not see color”, but it’s acknowledging and respecting another’s race and culture. That’s what this is about, acknowledging and knowing the hardships and negativity towards POC, learning from it so we can know how to be and do better and not go back to it, and moving forward. People also have to understand that this is a conversation that has to be had because it is our history as humanity. It is the truth of where we came from and the conditions that led to us being in the place we are right now. We need to finally acknowledge our history, know our history, deal with the conditions we’re in, and move forward.

Truth Be Told


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The world will begin to be the best it can be and we will begin to be the best we can be when we learn and practice this priceless lesson. We have to realize that we don’t need to quantify, define, label, and understand everything. This is true especially with human beings. We all have a lot in common but all 7 billion of us are different creatures in our own ways.

Think about it, no two people in this world, whether twins, triplets, or so on, has the same fingerprint. Each of us gets our own distinct fingerprint, literally and figuratively. We each leave our marks on the world in one way or another. We are as different from one another as we are from dogs. We are each special. We have to accept this.

Honor, respect, and accept the people around you as they are as you honor, respect, and accept yourself. We can not change one another, we can only love and share wisdom with one another. The only change we can make in the literal sense, is physical changes and change within our individual selves. Each of us are responsible for ourselves and for trying, or lack there of, to help our fellow living beings.

We should all do the best we can to accept the things that we can not change and do what we can about the things we can change.