Love. It is endless, has no boundaries, and creates the best, most special, magical, indescribabley wonderful moments a human being can have. Love is beautiful, Love is kind, Love is good. It is not bias or judgmental, rude or harsh. Love is honest, Love is wise. And this remains true:


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Love can not be conquered, for it is the greatest and strongest of all forces. It mends those wounds that break us and renews our hearts and souls. Love is within all of us and we may call upon that love when we are at our weakest and saddest, and in those broken, faithless, hopeless, desperate moments in our lives. Love has always come to me in my darkest moments and I am so thankful to God for His Love. It is what keeps me.

Love is why we are. It is what we are born from. You may believe in a different way than I do but that is the beauty of Love. It comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, different beliefs, but it remains Love no matter how it is interpreted because it is all the same. Love is not hard. It is not hard to love and it is not hard to be loved. Love can not be faked. It is as clear and as bright as the sun, the moon, and the stars all put together.

Love my friends. There’s no better way to spend your life, than loving. Love the Earth, your fellow man, your friend’s, your family, your significant other, love your life, love yourself. Self-love is where it all begins. You are worthy of love, for that is where you come from. Give love and life will love you right back. No one can love like you do. Your love is one-of-a-kind. Share it, spread it. The world needs your love.


How I Really Feel

Author’s Note: This is a long word vomit. It goes by my thought process so there really isn’t any type of flow. But yeah. Enjoy!


I do not wish to be remembered. I want the way I live my life to be remembered and continued. A life full of love and happiness. My “life is my message”.

I want to make people feel good about themselves and I want the people that I surround myself with to do the same for me. Life has so many incredible facets. Some good, some bad. It can be so sickening to think about all the bad things in the world. Hell is not a place beneath our feet, but it is all around us in the evil that exists. The great thing, despite that fact, is that Heaven is here too. All around us. The Earth is part of Heaven, I mean just look out of your window at all the magnificence around you, wherever you are in the world. Beauty surrounds us. Heaven is a baby’s smile, a toddler’s laugh, in that older couple walking hand in hand toward the end of the street, in my sister and I laughing and being goofy together, in my parents sharing a loving kiss on a daily basis going their separate ways to work, in the kindness of a stranger that suddenly decides to be a blessing to the stranger standing behind them in the grocery store by paying for their few items, in a random person smiling and waving at you from across the street.

The good in this life far outweighs the bad. I think about all the love that people have, for each other, for their passion’s, for the Earth, for animals, ect. It’s all so wonderful and amazingly powerful. Life is just plain beautiful. Beautiful in the fact that we struggle, each and every day, we fail, we fall short, and yet, we endure. We live on. We fight to live another day. We live to fight another day. We fight to try again tomorrow. Yes, in time we may be forgotten, but our lives are not in vain. Whether you know it or not, there is someone that cares about you, about your life, about your happiness. People may not believe that, but I can personally say that it is true. It is true because I care. Everyone deserves a wonderful, happy life full of love and enjoying every beautiful moment. I genuinely want that for every person living. There’s no possible way for me to be able to physically help everyone on the planet that needs it, but if I can let the world know through writing that there is at least one person in the world that does care about them; I want to do what I can so that they know. I want them to know they are loved.

I believe that imperfection is perfection. I believe that because in our being imperfect, it makes us who we are. And we are beautiful in all our individuality. You are who you are. There is no other person like you in the world. You are unique, special, talented, smart, amazing, wonderful, everything a good person can be. If someone can’t see that in you, that’s their problem, not yours.

Life is about Love, Experience, Happiness, and truly Living. Some of us may not be alive that long to be able to truly live and enjoy these things, but that is just one of the many things that is beyond us. I feel that is something we must all realize because whether we accept it or not, it is true. There are things in this life that are beyond us and just not meant for us to understand. We need not understand everything, we just need to live and let live, love and let love, and just be happy.

I hope that we move on from this destructive path that many people are heading down and come together. It is possible and I pray that we can begin to move to a level of oneness that humanity has never known before. I’m not saying every human being will be all happy-go-lucky, gung-ho, everything will be perfect with unicorns pooping rainbows and burping skittles, that will never happen. But I do believe that many of us, if not the majority of us, can unite and stand in harmony, peace, happiness, and love. This can happen. I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime, but I hope it will happen eventually. We can start paving the road to that beautiful place. We can start by beginning to love and respect ourselves, then love and respect others. By harboring good, positive vibes and energy and spreading those things plus love, happiness, kindness, goodness, being loyal, being trustworthy, and being honest, we can get there. Struggle is needed to progress, learn, and become better, so that is always to be expected. We just need to stop taking life so seriously, enjoy what we have, and let go of all this petty crap, negativity, and hate. Life will be better for us now and for the generations to come.