Bits of Wisdom

• Books, audio, videos of things that move you forward, lift, inspire, and motivate you in life and in your passions.

• Dominate your field

• “Let go of your mistakes and do better next time.” – Joel Olsteen

• Think like the person you want to be, act like the person that you want to be, feel like the person you want to be.

• Respect your nature, know your nature

• Master consistency, master your daily routines

• Success = quiet, little actions with love

• Make a choice to do it (live and do the tasks that you need to do)

• Small and steady wins the race

• Kill your procrastination

• Put in the work

• “Feed your hunger to learn, grow, and love.” – Tony Robbins

• You’re either willing to do what it takes or you aren’t. – say: I am. I am willing. I am willing to go the extra mile and to push through, no matter what.

• When you get better, life gets better.

• The fruit of everything good in life begins with a challenge

Words of Wisdom

Learn as you go, build as you grow.

This phrase hit me one day as I was looking through a visionboard of mine (I have 3). It is what I’ve seen, and see, so many people live out. You must be adaptable and always on the learning curve. Life is ever-changing, as we ourselves are, and we must keep up in order to succeed and thrive. It’s also critical that you build, continuously, on the lessons that come your way; and even smarter from those of the people around you. Put yourself in the right position to learn and grow through willingness and determination and make your way to the life you wish to live and the person you wish to be. 


Words of Wisdom


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It’s not about other people, it’s about you. You have got to do and be your best. You can not be dependent on others to acknowledge you, recognize you, or give you credit when credit is do all the time. You have to do the right thing because you want to do the right thing. You have to be your best because you want to be your best. You can not be totally dependent on other people.

Life is about you being you and living your life. The key is to focus on yourself but keep others in mind and to learn who you need in your life and who you don’t need. You should be selective in who you let into your space, the vibes you surround yourself with, and the energy you immerse yourself in. It’s important to remember that you don’t need other people’s stamp approval or their attention. You fulfill yourself. You complete yourself. You are a whole on your own.

Words of Wisdom Wednesday


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We become better by magnifying our talents, skills, all our good attributes and by being aware and doing what we can to better our faults and downfalls. Not by continuously pointing out the errors and flaws of which we all have.
The problem is not our faults, but doing nothing about them. Always pointing out what’s wrong and not right helps nothing. It in no way contributes to making anything or anyone better or helping in some useful way.
Build yourself up, and take others up with you. Helping bring others up and being honest in the greatness they have and can bring forth is what we should be doing for each other. Tearing each other down to try to “look good” and “be better” is not okay.
The thing about weakness, is that it can be beat. We can grow from our weakness and learn from it. It can be used to our advantage. So don’t let that get in the way. Realize, honestly and truthfully, your faults and downfalls then do something to better them. That’s all it takes.
                   Be kind. Always.